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    New warrior mechanic idea

    I was thinking it'd be cool if warriors had a sort of a combo point system, except instead of being put on a target, a combo point would be added to a counter on the warrior himself (say, every time a special attack is used). More combo points could either improve current abilities or unlock new abilities the more combo points you have.
    Combo points are used up when you perform one of those abilities requiring combo points.
    It would add a lot of fun to the warrior mechanics.

    I know it's too late at this point for something like that to be added into the game as it would require a full overhaul of the warrior class and warrior balance, but I think it's an interesting idea.

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    Re: New warrior mechanic idea

    I don't know about combo points but I wish there were a couple more abilities that allowed for cool combos rather than just rotations. For example, sweeping strikes/cleave is incredible with a 2hander, but definitely loses something when dual-wielding. Maybe an ability that makes the next whirlwind to swing twice (i.e. hit the 4 targets with both weapons twice), or an ability that makes Bloodthirst hit the target next to it as well. That's my 2 cents anyway.

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    Re: New warrior mechanic idea

    you got 1-100 combopoints on a warrior ^^

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    Re: New warrior mechanic idea

    0-100 even

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    Re: New warrior mechanic idea

    Well, as we are right now, there aren't many choices for "combos" per se - outside of "rotation" (if you can call that a combo) and the Sweeping Strikes + AOE.
    It would be interesting to see new stackable abilities, that if used in different combinations/order could result in different outcomes. However, I feel like that would demand addition of many extra abilities simply for the purpose of triggering a certain combo making my already over-bloated UI require an extra set of hands.

    Combo points wouldn't require as many extra abilities, and would in fact allow for easy expansion of the concept - new individual abilities could be added with different requirements for the number of combo points without adding crazy new abilities to trigger combos and forcing the player to memorize extra stuff.

    While I was writing this, Karpalo responded ! :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Karpalo
    you got 1-100 combopoints on a warrior ^^
    While it is true that we have a form of chargeable counter that unlocks our various abilities, I think adding combo points on top of that would add more fun to the game. Say, add a snare break to warriors! Crazy, right? Not so much - make it require 50 combo points and seeing as combo points would only acquire on using special abilities, it would take at least 75 seconds of hitting something repeatedly (@1.5sec GCD) given the rage. Such an ability would only be usable every few minutes in a PvP setting and would force warriors to choose - do I want to, say, refresh my next MS (just an idea) which takes 35 points or break a snare?!

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    Re: New warrior mechanic idea

    Kinda sounds like a reverse Deathknight (rage = runic power, combo points = runes).

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    Re: New warrior mechanic idea

    Hm, if you say so - I am not aware of the specifics of DK mechanics at the moment (the whole runes/runic power thing).

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    Re: New warrior mechanic idea

    Kinda like exactly what Assassins had in D2

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    Re: New warrior mechanic idea

    Hmm... yes, actually - that's even better! I'm pretty sure different types of combo points had a different effect upon release in addition modified by the ability used to release them (haven't played in a while). That'd be really cool!

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    Re: New warrior mechanic idea

    Sounds rogue-ish to me.
    Quote Originally Posted by sharpy View Post
    Ya i think Karadros got it right sadly..
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    Sylvanas is flawless and should be canonized as a saint.

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    Re: New warrior mechanic idea

    Rogues put combo points on their target, while we'd have a sort of a build-up mechanic that would give us the points we can utilize. This would also turn the concept of warriors away from the belief that warriors are dumb brutes whose only purpose is to mindlessly smash things.

    Further contemplating about Sins in D2, they did have a similar system: they used mana (in our case it would be rage) for their special abilities, some of which could stack various kinds of combo points (or whatever they were called); then based on the number of combo points, they could release them on different abilities.
    In my proposal, I suggest the combo points are universal (instead of different kinds) and the release abilites cost different number of those points. The fundamental difference from rage is that combo points take some time to build up, so it won't allow for spamming of the extra utility/power abilities.

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    Re: New warrior mechanic idea


    I've been thinking along similar lines when the mechanics for the DK was revealed. Warriors have ways of using Rage, but most have little to do with building and dumping Rage.

    I'll explain...

    Rogues use Energy in their skills to build Combo Points, which are then expended in Finishing Moves. In a way, you can view Finishing Moves as Energy "dumps".

    DKs, use Runes in their abilities to build Runic Power, which can then be expended in a variety of "Finishing Moves" that specifically use Runic Power to drive their effects.

    Warriors also have this mechanic to a certain effect. We can use Charge, Bloodrage to build Rage, then dump the accumulated Rage into chained Instant Attacks.

    However, it would be nice to have more skills that are clearly oriented towards building and dumping Rage. Looks like the devs are moving in that direction, but it would be nice if they were more clear on how that works out.

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    Re: New warrior mechanic idea

    thers a class like that named Rogue

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    Re: New warrior mechanic idea

    Warriors are not rogues, and WoW is not AoC.

    Sorry, nothing new here. Nothing intelligent either.
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    Re: New warrior mechanic idea

    So, what exactly don't you like in this idea? Outside of insulting my and other posters' intelligence you didn't bring anything to the table.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anthara
    ^ this

    and if warriors got a combo systems attached to themselves (there would be anarchy on the rogue forums because we have been asking for this for years)

    you aren't a rogue get over it
    Well, if you bothered to read the entire thread, you would've gathered that I do not mean for the combo system to be spammable ala rogue. Think of it as an alternative to cooldowns - instead of time-based, it's hit based; depending on the number of hits, you can unlock further "cooldowns".

    I know I am not a rogue, which is exactly why I am not rolling one and am not suggesting that warriors get a combo point system equivalent to rogue one.

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    Re: New warrior mechanic idea

    Why not just save this system of maintaining self-combo points, akin to the Diablo 2 Expansion Martial Arts Assassin or Werewolf Druid, for another future class?

    Next expansion, whatever it may be, may have room for a new class. This mechanic of keeping combo points on yourself has been used a lot and is mainly used on classes that press towards more impressive displays of power rather than sheer brute force (Warriors, Paladins, Death Knights, Mages, Shaman, Warlocks) or manipulating your opponent into a highly damaging effect (Priests, Warlocks, Rogues, Hunters, Death Knights).

    One kind of class I can see in the future may be a leather-wearing master of the soul. Perhaps dealing with powers inherent in its own soul, perhaps unlocked by the nefarious schemes of Arthas or the devilish plans that the Burning Legion has in store for all of life. Using this soul energy, the class can place shades of himself in various areas to act as a deterrent from harm, mimic the spellpower of Arcane spellweavers through fantastic displays, and increase the power of his own body through soul-empowering rituals.

    I don't know, whatever it can do though, this mechanic would be better suited to a class that deals with threats in a more passive manner than any other class, much akin to an Affliction Warlock with nothing but DoTs.

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    Re: New warrior mechanic idea

    Well, they are going to add more "hero" classes, as stated by Blizzard; from what I understand those classes will be akin to the "heroes" in WC3... although, we already have most if not all if those classes already (with DK being introduced), so I'm not sure.

    I suppose you have a point as far as keeping such a system for an entirely different class and I will be sure to reroll that class if it ever comes out! Warrior has become stale by now with nothing outside of "sheer brute force", and even that seems to be going down the drain what with needing to be paired specifically with a healer for higher rate of success (not including warrior/rogue) and resilience decreasing our burst.

    With my idea I was hoping to change the way warrior class is looked upon - instead of a Schwarzenegger-man-cow (back when he was one) with a giant stick, into a more strategic class that would plan exactly how he wanted to kill his opponent. It would also have a side-effect of making the class more complicated and in the end more fun!

    Meh, just an idea

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    Re: New warrior mechanic idea

    whats about more attention going to shouts? that could be the warrior's "thing".....rage and shouts.

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    Re: New warrior mechanic idea

    Why would you not want to keep the Rage system?

    It works flawlessly, albeit I could agree that it can use some tuning so that it does not rely as heavily on damage done / received.

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