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    Re: WotLK Beta - Build 8788

    Vengeance (Retribution) now stacks up to 2 times, reduced from 3.
    Silent nerf, second last line of the paladin changes. >

    About Stoicism taking a hit, the 30% chance to 'not fail' most likely means that we have talents that negate the 30% dispel resistance on spells that all other classes have. Cleanse would only have the base chance to fail, and not friggin 35-40%.

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    Re: WotLK Beta - Build 8788

    this thing suck for warlock! we already have to farm our shard now we have to use the rank 5 instead of rank one >.<'thol&n=Axio'thol&n=Axioqt

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    Re: WotLK Beta - Build 8788

    Finally! A carpet! I can live out my dream and yell out "SQUADALAH" whenever I summon it.

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