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    New Mind Sear Mana Cost

    Old mind sear cost - 2890 mana
    New mind sear cost - 67% base mana

    WHAT? so they've taken a shit spell with rediculous mana cost; and made it cost fuckloads more?

    shadowpriest class developers are WWWWWWWWASTED

    EDIT: base mana lulz

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    Re: New Mind Sear Mana Cost

    this is humour!

    how much is 67% of base mana at lvl 80 btw? something like 3k?

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    Re: New Mind Sear Mana Cost

    at 70 for me its like 2700, wotlk must be around 3.1k ish
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    Re: New Mind Sear Mana Cost

    basemana .. that means without any modifiers from gear ....

    Many class changes. You won't like the ones made to your own class but you'll think the changes made to the 9 other classes are all overpowered. Tigole

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    Re: New Mind Sear Mana Cost


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    Re: New Mind Sear Mana Cost

    Well all classes are having massive increases in their spell costs, I think its due to the many party buffs becoming raid buffs, a change in spirit and regen mechanics and a huge increase of intelect in gear, dont think it will be a problem at all and besides its still all being tunned.

    I might see a problem in pvp however where you cant use pots etc, but maybe then arenas wont be all about surviving the longest but actually a real fight ^_^

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    Re: New Mind Sear Mana Cost

    dude... 67% base mana!!! thats only like most expensive mana consuming ability in the game by far

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    Re: New Mind Sear Mana Cost

    Class Base mana value @70 for a is Priest is 2620. I'm guessing it would be around 3K @ 80 so the spell should cost around 2010 mana.

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    Re: New Mind Sear Mana Cost

    atm at level 75 on my shadowpriest, mana cost is 1846

    so its better that 2890 ^^

    the spell also have a new icon

    edit: all 70+ spell cost have almost been lowered

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    Re: New Mind Sear Mana Cost

    wow its actually slight buff even it looks like it still gonna be most expensive spell in game ^^

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    Re: New Mind Sear Mana Cost

    The mana cost actually isn't that bad, its pretty much on the low end compared with other channeled AE. Warlock's hellfire also costs 64%, Mage's Blizzard costs 74%, and a Druid's Hurricane costs a whopping 80% of base mana.

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    Re: New Mind Sear Mana Cost

    Ouch ^^

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    Re: New Mind Sear Mana Cost

    Btw as a side note from wotlkwiki glyphs page

    Your Power Word: Shield also heals the target for 20% of the absorption amount.

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    Re: New Mind Sear Mana Cost

    I think ive seen a blue somewhere saying that they're still tweaking mana costs on different spells
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