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    Ret Spec with Reckoning

    So me and my friend were sitting there thinking of Wrath, while I was leveling my new protdin, and we saw reckoning. Then we remembered how we could get that in wrath as ret.

    So I came up with this spec for arena, or pvp in general.
    The four points in toughness is debatable, maybe righteous fury and one in anticipation? XD
    I'm still not sure about Divine Purpose, but 30% would only be maybe a second or two off most slows.

    I play a shaman, and while we thought of it with the old WF totem, the 20% haste now would probably allow for up to 3 hits with reckoning, as it lasts 10 seconds, as opposed to two, which is still amazing.

    You miss out on divine storm, and the art of war, but the amount of burst damage from reckoning (proccing with a 10% chance from any damaging attack) makes up for the extra attack for divine storm. Also stoicism will make art of war not as important.

    I was thinking Retpaladin/any spec shaman, as a twos team.
    As elemental, between thunder, hex, and earth shock, you can keep a healer locked up forever, and won't get as locked up as in BC, as we now have lava burst and the spell pushback changes. Elemental's also a lot more sturdy now, with elemental shields and astral shift.

    As resto, obviously it's the same as BC, but now we can remove curses, so warlocks wouldn't be able to wreck the team. Then spirit link and Tidal Waves/Ancestral awakening will help keep both up, especially when the retdin pops divine shield, and 30% of the shamans damage goes to him.

    As enhance, the amount of burst damage would probably be ridiculous, with WF helping both of them, 20% haste, and they can't be snared anymore with spectral transformation, along with the extra stuns from the wolves, increasing SoC damage. They get maelstrom weapon as well, which coupled with lava burst/flame shock will just add in more damage.

    And they all have WF.


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    Re: Ret Spec with Reckoning

    You miss out on to much with that spec in the ret tree

    don't think DS is week as it realy isn't. its damage type is holy making it go past all armor.

    you alsow miss out on judgment of the wise (60% of the damage you do with judgments back as mana ) from what i have seen from vids wich you can find a link to in my sig will regen 1k mana to 4-5k mana at the curant judgment damage every 8-10 seconds. that fixes most of our problems with mana and on top of that it gives that to you and 2 party members. so yah i wouldnt give that up if i were you.

    righteous vengance is alsow very good. making your judgment of the wise 25% stronger.

    while yes that spec would give you good burst it realy isnt extreamly viable in hard pvp. you might posibley maybe get away with it in bg but not in arena if you want to hold a 1500 raiting lol.

    just my opinion i could be wrong

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    Re: Ret Spec with Reckoning

    I'm not sure why so many people ignore improved righteous fury. 6% damage reduction for free (no mana cost in expansion).

    In my eyes it is a must take.

    Also, I agree with the poster above me. Every ret paladin needs to have judgements of the wise.

    Although you could get some insane burst damage if you happened to be RIGHT before an autoswing when it procs and have the shaman's 20% haste. It'll be interesting to see how it works out when the expansion is released.

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    Re: Ret Spec with Reckoning

    Reckoning is not viable for PVP, is only a 10% chance to proc every time you get direct damage. so you need to be very lucky for that to happen, even so the 4 extras swings is granted in 8sec. a regular 2H is 3.6 sec, even with 20% haste it will be 2.88, so you will do only 3 extra hits in 8 sec. and during his time you could almost do another Divine storm.

    No, this spec is not viable for hard PVP (arena).

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    Re: Ret Spec with Reckoning

    reckoning is only viable 4 prot spec lvling & 4 better aggro building on raids but NEVER 4 a retri build couse with the new talents u get more dmg output thanks 2 Divine Storm + since u'll use 2h as retri (if u dont u should delete ur pala ASSAP!!!!) even haste wont give u the same boost. so go 4 the 0/20/51 4 pvp couse u'll get much more survivability & have the same amount of burst needed.

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