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    shadow pvp gear the healing set?

    even with mindflay critting will it really be worth stacking crit over spirit? i mean you have to spend atleast 10 talent points to make crit a worthwhile stat and even then you have to stack it over spirit which is what gives shadow extra spell damage now

    from the looks of it, shadow priest will wear all of the "healing" pvp sets with spirit and spell power rather than spell power and spell crit. spell hit is completely worthless for shadow priest now that they changed misery and the bonus of shadow focus you will always have the hit rating you need. between meditation and twisted faith stacking raw spirit is a far better investiture than spell crit and "some" spirit if any at all for spirit tap/shadow power

    the build i'm proposing is

    with alot of spirit and the bonus mana regeneration from meditation based on the new regin rate (intxspi) you would go oom less in pvp before your target is dead

    anyone else seeing that the "pvp set" for shadow is just the healing set too?

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    Re: shadow pvp gear the healing set?

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