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    Pain and Suffering with Haste

    the new pain and suffering talent refreshes the duration of sw when you use mindflay; now if you have some haste gear on, wouldnt if refresh the dot before it even has a chance to tick? therefore lower dps...

    someone please tell me im wrong QQ

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    Re: Pain and Suffering with Haste

    the way i understood it, it refreshes the timer, not resets it, so prolly after one tick, the timer goes back to 18 seconds, not the same instant u hit the mob with MF... (this is pure speculation on my behalf and i dont know how it will work if the tick before the refresh is the last tick...if u understand what i mean)...anyways, we should wait and see

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    Re: Pain and Suffering with Haste

    I checked it by specing shadow on beta, cause something seemed weird to my veiw with that talent.

    it refreshes the duration of it - as in restarting the 18 sec timer, it continues to tic no matter how many times it has been refresehed - every 3 secs. basically i think its a really nice buff - you put sw once and pretty much mindflay refreshes its duration. no gcd or mana waste of re-applying it (talking about pve ofc).

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    Re: Pain and Suffering with Haste

    we know it will still tick every 3 secs. Normally it ticks on seconds 18,15,12... etc
    what we want to know is if it refreshes on second 16 for example, one second to a tick, will it start at 18 ?, having to wait 3 secs more to next tick. Maybe they will change so they tick on the first second so when this procs its extra damage.
    For example with the mage ignite, if you get several scorch (1.5 secs cast time) crtis in a row, only the last will do ignite damage, why? because it ticks 3 secs after being applied and whenever you crit before it has time to tick, duration is refreshed and the 3 seconds count start again. Its like spamming shadow wordain, it will never do damage since you restart the count every 1.5 secs.
    If they dont change this, both priest and warlocks will lose dot dps with those autorefresh talents (yet, they will be casting other spells instead of refreshing those.

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    Re: Pain and Suffering with Haste

    The point is that it appears to be ticking every 3 seconds independent of the value of the timer itself, so MF isn't "clipping" the ticks or anything. In your example, if it refreshed at 16, then it would just tick on 17. (this is what I understand from the comments of beta testers, anyways)

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    Re: Pain and Suffering with Haste

    It works like Deadly Poison, pretty much.

    You will not lose ticks, no matter when it gets refreshed.

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    Re: Pain and Suffering with Haste

    In the mage example the duration of ignite isn't "refreshed", the debuff itself is overwritten. With SW:P the duration is simply refreshed and the dot continues about its business.
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    Re: Pain and Suffering with Haste

    i just tested on live spamming shadow wordain, it never ticked, since the counter reseted it didnt do any damage until i stopped spamming it. From the way the dots work rigth now, i think it will lose ticks unless they change something. Some serious testing by someone who actually knows for sure would be apreciated.

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    Re: Pain and Suffering with Haste

    Did you bother to even read the previous posts exdeath202?

    I'm thinking not, since your "test" is already well known and it has already been confirmed on the beta that you will not lose ticks.
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    Re: Pain and Suffering with Haste

    You said you did tests on live, and we're talking about beta. You also recasted the spell, while what we are talking about is it being refreshed (not recasted) by mindflay, so it is only logical it will reset the ticks the way you did it.

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    Re: Pain and Suffering with Haste

    Think of SW:P as "Charges".

    A normal improved SW:P got 8 charges. For each 3 seconds, a charge is released.
    When you're using Mind Flay, the amount of charges goes up to 8 again.


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