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    Re: WotLK Screenshots update, Blue posts

    I would like to see that in action, and i bet that occur pre-bc. I raid with some amazing rogues, and i find that example to be moronic, and untrue. Maybe wearing blues you can get by, but talentless your nuts.

    Rogues are not OP, they are powerful in there niche, but not op

    I find it funny how those that are screaming that rogues are op dont play rogues. I have a hunter(70), warlock(70) and a 70 rogue(77 on beta). Everyone of these classes has a benefit, and take certain skill sets to play. Learn to play your individual class, and any class can become OP, its the driver not the car that is fast.

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    Re: WotLK Screenshots update, Blue posts

    Quote Originally Posted by Nubs
    Either the dev is incredibly stupid or he just proved (indirectly/directly dependent on perspective) how strong rogues are. Let's throw a hunter or lock into a raid with no talents and see how much of an "impact" they have on the raid.

    The only way this could work is if by "impact" he means not dying, but I doubt it.
    Completely agree with you and Wraithedge, his example is ludicrous.
    Setting aside energy regen talents and extra combo points for the moment...
    a fairly standard combat rogue would lose at least:
    5% crit
    30% damage increase to crit bonuses on many bread and butter abilities
    Damage increasers by 2%, 6% and 10% (from different talents) = GONE
    5% chance to hit reduction (HUGE nerf right there)
    10 expertise rating = GONE
    Off hand damage increase of 50% = GONE

    and I'm supposed to believe that his "skill" somehow makes up for these losses in dps? Really? Because a dps rotation is so difficult to play?
    The loss in combo point additions and energy regen from crits alone would knock any rogue down many dps slots.

    Oh! Maybe the rogue would be able to compete due to not having to even think about his threat!
    Feignt? Who needs feignt with dps this shitty!
    And all that dps time saved by not having to use vanish during a boss fight!

    Whenever I see dev posts like this, I'm more and more convinced that they don't even play the game.
    The fact that he can't validate his example (WWS? SS or it didn't happen?) is the icing on his bullshit cake.

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    Re: WotLK Screenshots update, Blue posts

    Quote Originally Posted by Fuggle
    Wow all those places look badass, look so much better than the monotony of BC. There were only a few places in BC that just were awesome.
    Just shows how much good art design > pure polygon count and photo realism.

    I'm also glad to see we are getting dungeons that are more like the old-world than the hallways of BC.

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    Re: WotLK Screenshots update, Blue posts

    i seriously hope that wasnt a dev. I am certainly wary of a dev who can make comments like that, an in turn is in charge of my class development.

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    Re: WotLK Screenshots update, Blue posts

    well, maybe not a dev, but a blue poster by the moniker of Ghostcrawler.

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    Re: WotLK Screenshots update, Blue posts

    Quote Originally Posted by Wulon
    What has happend to the weekly comics btw? Arn't they usually on mondays?
    somehow i find these 2 are funny ;D

    Dark Legacy

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    #154 -

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    Re: WotLK Screenshots update, Blue posts

    Quote Originally Posted by Teli
    Is it just me or is the very first picture looking like a smiley/face, with legs and horns or something? (Dont zoom in on it - look at it at a distance)
    It looks like Meta Knight

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    Re: WotLK Screenshots update, Blue posts

    Quote Originally Posted by Cocoa
    naw, if they give us parry they'd lower our dodge from agi, since we're balanced around what we have. if they gave us parry we'd have to worry about 2 stats for avoidance, and have to stack either parry rating or defense to get both parry and dodge, when now we can just stack agi which is a much better option for us.
    They already lowered dodge from agil, didn't they? Plus, SotF could have an addition that converts agility into parry rating. That would keep with Druids stacking agility rather than this suggestion of Druids stacking stamina for huge health pools with no real hints of other mitigation.

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