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    Re: Pally tier designs?

    At least the warlock design was semi cool in T3...bit of a gas-mask look..but anyhow.

    Still keeping my T1 and T2 around and will certainly keep the Malefic set. Paladin T2 I loved...and the priest T6 looks awesome. I agree that Paladin's could use a bit of that look. Bit of a "kingdom of Heavens" feeling too...

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    Re: Pally tier designs?

    I think just about every pally will agree that tier 2 was the best so far. Hell I still think its the best looking armor in game to date. Let us all hope that they fired the artist who gave us purple crystal power, and promoted the guy who made tier 2 to lead pally design. We just need something that makes us look like holy cruisaders. I think they started to get the hang of it again with t6 minus the helm(i mean seriously wtf was that all about anyway). I would also like blizzard to give us librams that hang from our sides.

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    Re: Pally tier designs?

    I vote for a revamped Judgment set.

    Or Dreadnaught, which should of been ours anywho, imho. :3

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    Re: Pally tier designs?

    T2 was too "cubic" T1 cosmonaut jumpsuit looks better on paladin imo. T1 looked what paladin healer should look like and T 2.5 looker just what retardin should look like.

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