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    2H ARMS pve play


    I am looking for some advice/help from experienced players on how to play a 2H ARMS PVE. I am refering to the slam rotation and how to read quartz.
    I have read Meeks guide on tankspot

    ..and he advices to use as a rotation:
    Auto attack --> Slam --> Mortal Strike
    Auto attack --> Slam --> Whirlwind
    Auto attack --> Slam --> Mortal Strike
    Auto attack --> Slam --> Demo Shout/battle shout

    What I dont understand how this is practically done. Should this all fit in the 3.6s swing?

    So looking at Quartz

    3.6s ---------------------------------->0s auto attack + slam?

    How does MS fit in this. Is it played like this?

    3.6s ------------------------------>0s auto attack + slam+ MS ?
    3.6s ------------------------------>0s auto attack + slam+ WW?

    or is it like this?
    3.6s ------------------------------> autoattack
    3.6s ------------------------------> slam
    3.6s -----------------------------> MS

    Might look stupid, but I am looking for some practical advice here.

    Thanks for your help.


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    Re: 2H ARMS pve play

    something more like

    ----3.6----auto attack then cast slam---0.5---slam hits then MS---3.6---next auto attack

    then the slot for MS can just be replaced with the the other GCD abilities.

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    Re: 2H ARMS pve play

    3.6s ------------------------------>0s auto attack + slam+ MS ?
    3.6s ------------------------------>0s auto attack + slam+ WW?

    Like this if I read your diagram right.

    You wait for autohit, just after - sometime a bit before - you begin to cast slam (depends on your internet connection, don't do it to early!(thats what requires practise) and don't do it to late. Then MS, if its on CD then WW, if that's on CD as well you can throw in a Heroic Strike or a rebuff/debuff. Heroic Strikes without WF will leave you rage starved very, very often. You should always have 15 rage when autohitting, because otherwise you have to wait on the server to get the rage from your autohit before you can cast slam, thus losing valuable fractions of a second.

    That's because if you start with a full cycle (no CDs) and you have 100 rage: you will lose 15 for slam, 30 for MS, 15 for HS (+ no rage gain) then 15 for slam and another 25 for WW thus not enough rage for slam in time after the next white hit. Thus only use HS if you can't fill the gap where MS and WW is on CD and you don't get rage from damage taken and you have 100 rage. If you have WF and maybe even sword specc, you can speculate on a procc sometimes.

    I recommend doc's swingerclub over quartz! it's specifically designed for slam rotations and has some neat features when you start learning it (for example it tells you by how many tenths of a second you are off with your slam).

    Fastest speed would be 2.5 second swing time, but the slower the waepon, the easier it is. 2.5 seconds because slam will increase the swing time by 0.5 seconds at the very least, thus 3 seconds or 2 gcd.

    The 2.5 second swing time is meant with flury!

    Sarkast - Onyxia(EU)

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    Re: 2H ARMS pve play

    ok, wow, that explains a lot. THanks for your reply!

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    Re: 2H ARMS pve play

    the golden rule for PVE ARMS is fit in a slam after an auto attack before doing any special attack/ability
    (which uses ur gcd in the most efficient way)
    so this is wt i usually do while in sw

    autoattack->slam->MS-> autoattack->slam->ww ->autoattack->slam->MS
    autoattack->slam-> (gap) (shout, anything)==>cycle

    i usually fit another slam in the gap when no shout or dw or wtever need to be made
    aa>slam>MS--->aa>slam>ww ---> aa>slam>ms
    aa>slam>slam ---> ms(juz finished cd and gcd is juz on time)>aa->slam

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