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    Judging with Holy PvE in WotLK

    I'm talking about Holy Paladins in PvE (raids) in WotLK...
    When I saw the set bonus of T5 I thought about it, but now with new Holy Talents it is more visible...

    Paladins will gain considerable bonuses after judging, for sure that will be a lot usufull in PvP but... Have you thought about a "Healer" DPSing?? I mean, not a very good DPS but this is the most different rule, hybrid since a Tank DPS (Druid?)!!

    Looks cool to me... what do you guys think about it?

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    Re: Judging with Holy PvE in WotLK

    I think holy paladins won't have the gear/talents to make judging every 10seconds contribute much in the way of dps. Mostly because they'll be busy healing people the most of the time.

    I think if the party isn't taking a lot of damage and the paladin has the mana to spare, they'll be able to contribute and it will make playing a healadin more exciting and interactive. But I wouldn't expect them to out-dps the tank.

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    Re: Judging with Holy PvE in WotLK

    Judgements of the Pure
    Your Judgement spells increase your casting and melee haste by 10% for 30 sec.

    Ret pallys will love all that seals stacked up anyway!

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    Re: Judging with Holy PvE in WotLK

    Judgments of the Pure - "Judgment costs us a GCD, so now we don't have to worry about missing a crucial heal just to judge."
    Enlightened Judgments - "Now we don't need to waste time running in and out of melee range to keep up our judgments"

    There's a reason Crusader Strike doesn't refresh Judgments. Ret paladins are in melee refreshing their own judgment, Prot paladins are also in melee refreshing their own judgment, and holy paladins are going to be able to judge from 30 yards away.

    Edit: Krekko, mummha was just saying that retadins will appreciate holy keeping up a second judgment. ...I think. I think what ret really appreciates is folding Seal of Crusader and the 3%crit into our other seals. amirite?

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