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    Hello! I would like to ask people, who had tried warriors in beta version for their opinion about that new skill? There is some synergy between Trauma and this one but...guess many of you know about Bloodseeker's passive ability named Bloodbath from Dota Allstars? I'm feeling like this is what is going to be really helpful, not this 'rend whirlind' that Blizzard offers. I mean - it's named Bloodbath, let it be so. Like 'you regain 10% of mob's health when you kill one and 20% from player's health when you kill them'. This would help in leveling and solo PvP, we won't need that much support healer in battlegrounds. What do you think about this?

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    Re: Bloodbath??

    At Level 75 we can train one of our two new class abilities; Shield Break.
    (Break down the enemy's defenses, disarming any shield they have equipped or reducing the chance the enemy will block by 3% for 10 sec. (15 rage, 1 min. cooldown)

    At Level 80 we can train the other new class ability, Bloodbath. Considering the level cap is 77, there hasn't been an opportunity to test it yet. Also, I wouldn't regard it as an efficient levelling tool since you'll be at the level cap when you recieve it.
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    Re: Bloodbath??

    To re-iterate, I'd view this ability as more of a multi-target tanking/grinding/raid utility. As it stands, the ability doesn't appear to have a cooldown. Which means you pretty much use it once every 15 seconds (duration) whilst Thunder Clapping and Shockwaving every CD as your primary source of AoE threat; simultaneously generating threat on your primary DPS target. Regard it (in terms of tanking) similary to Consecrate.

    As for PvP, a very nice ability to use against other Warriors and Hunters when under the effects of Enrage & The Beast Within. Oddly enough, the Rogue Assassination Talent "Hunger For Blood" also Enrages the Rogue, but simultaneously dispels one Bleed effect. Thus, if a Rogue were to have Rend and Bloodbath ticking, and then were to use Hunger For Blood, one of the DoT's would be dispelled, whilst the other would be ticking for 4 times more damage until removed (again by Hunger for Blood) or expired.

    And finally, in raids. Another class with an AoE = yay. Seems everyone has one now.
    As for the recent "Enrage" Description update by Blizzard, I think it's safe to say that Rend/Bloodbath will provide very powerful "bursts" during encounters:
    Creatures that used to "Frenzy" like Magmadar, Gluth, Princess Huhuran, Halazzi, etc. now "Enrage" instead. Tranquilizing Shot has been changed to dispel Enrage effects, and the wording on all those spells and associated emotes has been changed to reflect the name change to Enrage.

    Creatures that used to "Enrage", now "Frenzy" instead. This is the type of effect that typically happened at low health or some other combat trigger. Examples of this would be all the Blackrock Orcs in Redridge, Jan'alai's low health/timed increase in damage, Maexxna at low health, etc. These effects are not dispellable, you are meant to deal with the increased damage as part of the fight.

    Many of our boss encounters have timers where if you do not defeat the encounter within the allotted time, the boss will suddenly do RADICALLY more damage. Players are not intended to be able to deal with the damage dealt by a Berserk boss, and a wipe should be around the corner. We try not to use the "Berserk" term for nothing else but these kinds of timers.
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