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    Pally PVP

    ok... i keep reading about how pallies pwn locks and others of the like mainly due to the uber bubble heal/rape method.
    but according to the revamp for WotLK our bubble really dont seem like its gonna be worth using due to it only reducing 50% of the damage. just wondering how pallys are so B.A. once that happens.

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    Re: Pally PVP

    No no you've read it wrong.
    Paladins get a bubble at a low level which called Divine Protection.
    This is replaced when you get Divine Sheild because it shares the same cooldown.

    To end the fact that you never ever use Divine Protection again once you get divine Sheild, they essentially changed it to be a third bubble.

    Divine Shield
    Divine Protection
    Just to give you an idea of why Divine Sheild is a replacement at the moment due to them sharing a cooldown.

    So yeah it's basically more like a new spell in WOTLK, current "bubble" is still an immunity.
    This is just an extra one to use for paladin tanks (possibly if it doesnt wipe aggro)
    and for gaps inbetween forbearance for Holy Paladins.

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    Re: Pally PVP

    It does not wipe aggro. It is the Paladin version of Shield Wall and its main use is for tanking Paladins.

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