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    New warrios Buffs released

    * Mace Specialization (Arms) no longer stuns enemies, and now generates 10 rage.
    * Improved Sunder Armor (Protection) renamed Puncture.
    * Improved Charge (Arms) now generates 5/10 rage.
    * Enrage (Fury) now increases damage done by 3/6/9/12/15%, limitation on number of attacks removed.
    * Thunder Clap damage increased, cooldown increased.
    * Shield Wall now reduces all damage taken by 60% for 12 seconds, cooldown reduced to 5 minutes.
    * Taste for Blood (new arms talent) - Whenever your Rend ability causes damage, you have a 10/20/30% chance of allowing the use of your Overpower ability (percentages not confirmed)
    * Titan's Grip allows you to equip two-handed axes, maces and swords in one hand. Speed penalty removed. 1 rank talent.
    * Intensify Rage reduces the cooldown of your Bloodrage, Berserker Rage, Recklessness and Deathwish abilities by 11/22/33%.
    * Furious Attacks (replaced furious resolve in fury) - Your normal melee attacks have a 50/100% chance to reduce all healing done to the target by 25% for 8 sec. This can stack up to 2 times. (2 ranks)
    * Wrecking Crew (new tier 10 arms talent) - Your melee critical hits have a 20/40/60/80/100 chance to Enrage you, increasing all damage caused by 3/6/9/12/15% for 12 sec.

    Check out the updated talent calculators as well

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    Re: New warrios Buffs released

    Fury warriors getting mortal strike = f'n sweet
    Arms warriors getting 15% damage buff on every crit = f'n sweet

    I really don't know what to choose between the two specs. It all looks so tasty!

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    Re: New warrios Buffs released

    Fury is kinda ridiculous now, they get MS without actually using a skill.........
    Rogues will prolly kill them tho anyway without second wind
    Arms will be speccing all the way up to bladestorm now, but there are some crap points for pve along the way.

    Mortal Strike is really depreciated by this it needs a buff.

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    Re: New warrios Buffs released

    Wow, fury just got insanely buffed. Permanent MS.

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    Re: New warrios Buffs released

    Wow. Just wow. I really don't think they'll keep the MS part of fury, but that being said, it still looks damn good for pve. Granted I haven't been in beta at all (damn you bliz! >) but overall, I'm starting to like whats going on a LOT more.

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    Re: New warrios Buffs released

    Im glad dps warriors are happy, but prot took more nerfs :\
    Shieldblock is now on a 1 minute cooldown..
    The talent that gives 2 rage per dodge/parry, removed..

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    Re: New warrios Buffs released

    I was laughing so hard as I read the fury buffs.

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    Re: New warrios Buffs released

    Those were good buffs made arms and fury tree fully workable.

    Im only sad coz i was hoping for new cool looking skills like windwalk or mirror image
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    Re: New warrios Buffs released

    Arms still needs tweaks, but in a realistic manner I'm thinking it'll still be the primo PvP tree. Giving up the mobility, survivability and utility, the new ridiculous good bleeds and the overall burst would be iffy.

    However, making Fury a viable alternative is fucking GREAT.

    Hopefully Prot is up next, because it's starting to look a little ragged

    Also; note, Bloodbath and Shield break have been outsed, so you can probably expect new stuff. Also you can probably expect some sort of redesign to Battle Stance looking at the changes.

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    Re: New warrios Buffs released

    Definitely looks like playing a warrior will be fun. I'm actually happy that they took out a lot of prot talents. Prot tree was too stacked forcing you to blow a lot of points in it, now you can streamline down to 51 points and pick up the parry thing in arms! Very happy with all the trees now but I expect the community at large that pvp's a lot are going to start yelling "nerf!"

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    Re: New warrios Buffs released

    These buffs are crazy damn good and well deserved.
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    Re: New warrios Buffs released

    Warrior was already a PVP god and everyone knows it, I don't see a whole lot of these changes making it live. I know they'd love to make Fury PVP viable, but permanent MS paired with incredible damage? Yeaaaah, not so much.

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    Re: New warrios Buffs released

    The changes are seriously making me consider continuing my lv24ish gnome warrior and turning him into Mr. Prot Warrior. (And since they released some new cool engineering recipes, i'm basically sold on engineering, and the +15 racial bonus goes great with it). Come to think of it, i'd also like to be a midget duel wielding the biggest two handers in the game. (Not to mention the loljump ability)
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    Re: New warrios Buffs released

    Prot warrior changes are still to come to no worries !! (well at least for now)

    I love the changes, even the Arms tree looks fantastic and the Fury tree is easily PvP viable as well. The change to Imp MS is super hot!! Though Bladefurry may still need some work, though I don't think it is as near horrible as before. 6 second immunity to CC,Snares and stuns is much better. I will have fun playing with my furry warrior buddy. He jumps in stuns some bitches and I go into my whirling vortex of death.

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    Re: New warrios Buffs released

    How does titan grip applies. does i mean u can take up two two-handed sword? or jus the main hand?

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    Re: New warrios Buffs released

    You can have two 2-handers equipped.

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    Re: New warrios Buffs released

    Look at Rampage!!! 5% more melee crit chance for party/raid!!! Finally we got some really nice buff for pve

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    Re: New warrios Buffs released

    thank god they nerfed mace stun...

    no complaints if they get rid of the MS effect... which is bs btw on normal attacks.

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    Re: New warrios Buffs released

    What are you worried that a warrior with 2 x 30 kg axes is coming and beating you down??

    Tbh i am

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    Re: New warrios Buffs released

    Now we must not be bad with Blizzard they make the warriors pretty imba i think
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