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    Warrior Glyphs??

    Is it just me or has anybody seen a single warrior glyph

    Fury gets amazing buff, prot gets nerfed and arms is getting replaced
    But STILL warrior glyphs

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    Re: Warrior Glyphs??

    We'll get glyphs ofc, they're not going to give every class glyphs and leave one out are they? :

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    Re: Warrior Glyphs??

    warrior talents weren't even "sort of finished" untill now, and protection is still going to be seeing some love(i hope o.0)

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    Re: Warrior Glyphs??

    I guess a "increases enrage from 15 t o25%" or "your mace specc has now a chance to stun the enemy for 3 seconds, but reduces the amount of rage gained by 3" or "your pummel, shield bash and hamstring now do a small amount of damage" Would't surprise me at all

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