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    And here on this 21st day of August, year 2008, We gather to give the last will and testiment of the Arms tree, The arms tree was a proud warrior, he frought many hard battles, everything from Rage normalizations, to crappy 41 point talents, and even the harsh words said to him such as, popping enrage, and Working as Intended. It is with great sorry that I say he has pass from this world into the barrin realm of unless talent trees.

    It was his will that his younger brother Fury take his healing debuff, and that his older brother prot would realize the dream he had always hoped for in life, for intercept and charge to break movement-impairing effects. If there are any here who would like to add kinds words of his life please speak now.

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    Re: Condolences

    BEEP BEEP, the Wrecking Crew is here to tear down your reality.
    Actually, Mr. Lennon, I CAN imagine a world with no hatred, religion, war, or violence.
    I can also imagine attacking such a world, because they would never see it coming.

    For once, Carville was a man ahead of his time.

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    R.I.P Arms tree. 2007-2008

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    The arms tree still lives pushing his little brother Fury

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torylon
    The arms tree still lives pushing his little brother Fury
    No no my child, It is only his spirit that lives on, pushing us all, giving us courage.

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    Re: Condolences

    Wtb Windwalk on 51 point talent...
    My DeviantArt link:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nowyn
    All the screams of "WoW is dying" is just stupid to me. Their numbers keep going up, how do you explain that? Personally I get really tired of WoW, wait let me rephrase that, personally I get tired of the morons I have to put with when I play WoW. Morons who think that they are entitled something, morons who whimper about the old days when they were screaming about how boring MC was and how they wanted to claw their eyes out. I wish you people could hear/read what you say/post sometimes.

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