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    ret paladin dmg

    I've been seeing ret paladin do dmg in several videos and i think their dmg is fine as it is but their judgment dmg is a bit too much :P so imo if paladins were to get a nerf i would just say do something about the dmg they do with judgment..opinions?

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    Re: ret paladin dmg

    Holding my opinions on what changes must be made to damage until I see level 80, gear, and complete ability list/stats. Videos out now are useless as no tuning has been done.

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    Re: ret paladin dmg


    I would give you mine, but have seen a thread like this one atleast 10 times the last week so...

    [size=14pt]Read the: Paladin - Frequently Asked Questions[/size]

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    Re: ret paladin dmg

    more like last 3 hours ^^

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