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    Ret in the latest build

    everything seems the same so far except two things.

    1) the known difference vengeance is two stacks for 10% instead of 3 stacks for 15% and

    2) all judgements are currently broken and doing no damage and not applying their effect on the target. they still apply heart of the crusader when you judge but it wont apply light,justice, or wisdom.

    otherwise, like i said, so far nothing else has changed that i've found so far.

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    Re: Ret in the latest build

    Could you confirm (hopefully) that they did not change Divine Storm? I'm currently still in the process of downloading the patch thus cannot check for myself, stoopid Blizzard downloader.

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    Re: Ret in the latest build

    Divine Storm is still the same.

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    Re: Ret in the latest build

    ya DS is the same.

    really sucking to level because you go oom so fast with judgements broken. had to stop using divine storm.

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