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    Rate build above you.



    Judge Crus for raidwide 3%crit+kings and all holy goodies

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    Re: Rate build above you.

    Looks not that that bad but you skipped Sanctified Light with would be +6% crit on heals and +5% crit with all spells and attacks from Conviction in ret, thats easy lost 11% to crit (-6% with HL and HS tho)

    Something like this for pvp crit->hot , eye for an eye, pursuit of justice


    Still 3 spare points

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    Re: Rate build above you.

    thats a cool spec


    this is my ret pvp / raiding build. ( built to cross over for 10 man and heroic / pvp not hard cor 25 man )


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    Re: Rate build above you.

    Hm, well it isn't that bad, pursuit of justice is useful on some boss fights that require a lot of movement, Felmyst and Lurker come to mind, imp ret aura gives the tank extra threat, and in PVP is useful against melee classes, eye for an eye on the other hand is terrible for PVE raiding because you should never get hit, much rather crit.
    Over all the raid is more suitable to raiding then PVP, to make it full PVE you could swap some points in eye for an eye and pursuit of justice to pick up Crusade, since most of the mobs in the game are Humanoids, Undeads, Demons it will be a big improvement DPS wise.

    I'll give it a 4/5 from the PVE raider point of view, 2/5 from the PVPer point of view.

    This is my build for WoTLK

    Kings is for pugs, imp BoM will be my raid buff and I'll pick up Glyph of BoM for the spellpower to give it to casters as well so a bit of extra utility, I also pucked up benediction since I believe you can never have enough mana efficiency and all the other alternatives where a bit weak in comparison, the rest of the talents are intuitive, anything that increases my damage and personal utility.

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    Re: Rate build above you.

    This will be my holy build atleast for arenas.


    I swap ~100 spellpower for infinte mana battery for me and 2 other manausers in my party.

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