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    Re: Wotlk new prot moves

    i dunno why everyone is so unhappy bout losing salvation, so far on the beta i can hold threat fine, even with some dps out lvling me by 3 or 4 lvls....and that with judgements broken lol

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    Re: Wotlk new prot moves

    Quote Originally Posted by Warcraft
    Don't even bother talking to me, you filthy troll. You post a thread and get 10 pages of people flaming you, and then you try to justify yourself? Get bent. Forget re-rolling, GTFO of this game.
    LOL. Quite the angry little one aren't you? Forget to take your meds recently?

    You obviously cannot read well, or just choose not to, as the topic is 10 pages but not of flames. There are ignorant flamers like yourself in there to be sure, but other people lacking subhuman IQs are also having an informed debate.

    And I will use my own mistake in this topic to prove a point. I said HotR hit 4 targets by accident, meant to type 3. Someone as great as you, with the anger you have, should have picked up on that and tossed it in my face. The fact that you did not illustrates your lack of attention to details. So really I should not be surprised that you cannot grasp what is going on in the other topic.

    Sad that your "The Great Paladin Status Erector" title is becoming less and less believable.

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    Re: Wotlk new prot moves

    Wow, to Warcraft (the guy posting like a bleeding 14 year old girl) you may be the single most arrogant person I've ever met on the internet that was serious. Sure, maybe his post was stupid, but to go bleeding all over the forums proclaiming that you are practically a Paladin fucking genius, scratch that you must think you're Blazer or something.

    I really have no idea why you felt the need to be a complete ass to someone simply because you think you're better or 'smarter', but theorycrafting knowledge =/= actual knowledge. Hell, you could be the smartest guy wherever you live, but right now you just look like a pompous ass who thinks because he played almost a completely different game 4 years ago he is the authority on WoW. Lots of people played from way back then, I personally did but I never raided anything of particular merit.

    To end my completely unconstructive post, calm down and quit being an ass for no reason other than to satisfy your image of self grandeur.

    Now that I have also made myself look like an ass, I bid you farewell.

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    Re: Wotlk new prot moves

    Quote Originally Posted by Moar Pew Pew
    you must think you're Blazer or something.
    Lol, owned:P

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