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    Paladins in WOTLK

    I hope this will help with people complaints.

    Instead of reading in to what Blizzard do/have done and their Dev team , everybody should use a bit of common sense

    So here is my common sense:

    1) Their are currently 6,763,395 characters give or take a few in Wow as a whole

    2) Out of those 6,763,395 you can expect that on average a person has btw 2-3 chars each account, This equals using a mean variation 6,763,395/2.5 = 2705358

    3) This means blizzard has actively 2705358 accounts x $14 p/m = monthly income of approximately $37million

    4) Out of those 2,705,358 accounts each would have a main , and currently their are 306,912 level 70 Paladins (approx 8-10% of all lvl 70's)

    5) Now 306,912 lvl 70 paladins would bring in roughly $4.297 Million per month.

    So if only 10% of all account holders with Paladins left for AoC/WAR due to Pally Nerfs and class imbalance Blizzard would roughly lose $5 million annually

    the one thing blizzard have down is making money. Theyll know the above figures. So dont worry Pallys

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    Re: Paladins in WOTLK

    I think paladins are fine the way they are. If you got a problem play another class. Simple as that

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    Re: Paladins in WOTLK

    last i saw bliz said they broke 10m active acounts and that was 2 monthes ago. who knows what it is now.

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    Re: Paladins in WOTLK

    Quote Originally Posted by Warcraft
    Those are the stupidest calculations I've ever seen... Where did you get those figures, a fan site like WarcraftRealms.com? And then you just assume how many characters are per account... Let me help you a bit. Blizzard has over 9 million active accounts. They publicly advertise it every time they break another million mark. Of those people, only a small portion pay $14.99 a month. In many countries the feeds are different, and in some it's not even monthly. Most Asians pay a few cents per hour, for example. And I won't even attempt to analyze your final hipothesis, because there your errors and assumptions are so beyond reckoning that my head is exploding.
    mate its not supposed to be perfect or even close , only an insight into the greater picture .. let your head explode warcraft do us all a favour

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    Re: Paladins in WOTLK

    Quote Originally Posted by Warcraft
    It's not an insight, it's not even an oversight. The word sight does not even have place in whatever describes that blunder. And what "complaints" are you even talking about? You haven't even stated what problem made you go on this random number generation crusade...
    Its an example (very rough) showing that blizz want to make money, so will do their best to keep every1 happy.

    You abuse my "number generating crusade" and my "sight" again, and it will be fight club

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    Re: Paladins in WOTLK

    Pally was perfectly fine in TBC, it's getting even better in WOTLK, if you disagree, you probably should reroll imo.

    Stop the QQ

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