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    Great paly build?

    I was just playing around with the talent calculator and came across a build that I personally think is too OP for both PvE and PvP.

    Maybe someone can tell me why it wouldn't be.

    Strengths: Unlimited mana, basically immune to any form of mana drain/burn (biggest advantage for Arena). Everytime judgment is up (which is improved and on the shorter cooldown) give yourself at least a few free heals // no need for divine favor. Is


    Obvious disadvantages are the loss of some prot talents, but I think those are MORE than made up for in the ret tree with the HoT effect and increased group damage.

    Is there any reason not to go this way? I mean you can glyph up/crit to almost have the same affect as beacon.

    Also add an edit: One of the reasons, besides unlimited mana, that I think it will be the best PvP build...at least small scale. Let your dps beat their healer, take their dps around a corner -- ret aura up, scaling with spell damage and eye for an eye. Now two hits and you are not interrupted anyways so conc aura is not that important (again small scale). Imagine that rogue beating on you, taking ~200dmg every hit, maybe a little less and when he crits getting hit for another damage shield proc. I just can't find any flaws in this build tbh.

    I mean...you are the raid mana battery and still the best MT healer, if not better than pure holy because of the HoT on crits.

    So what do you think? Also imagine that small scale PvP...seals don't go away when you judge anymore. So that rogue that is beating on you is getting judged every 8 seconds on top of the passive damage shields, giving you all the mana back for recent heals.

    edit changed the title to take out nerf, I can see why some would be agitated by that -- was meant as damn this owns imo.

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    Re: Most OP Holy Paladin Build need nerf?

    It is a kinda good build however 7% if your int in SP is not worth -60% mana cost you are also 100 viable for dispells so any seals you pop up at 14% base mana cost might get dispelled instantly and if you judge justice it is also very easy to remove. And you have a non upped con aura so you are viable to spellpushback even if it is severly nerfed you also lack the silence duration reduce.

    If you spec all the way down to JotW you might aswell spec imp con arua instead of imp BoW.

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    Re: Most OP Holy Paladin Build need nerf?

    Don't get me wrong... but eh...no matter how u going to spec... pala is fine in beta so far and we all now that there WILL be changes(nerfs)...

    Quote Originally Posted by furtivegain

    Is there any reason not to go this way? I mean you can glyph up/crit to almost have the same affect as beacon.
    but guys back 2 topic... is it only me or what do u think bout that hot effect...? 60% of the crit healed amount... 10k heal = 6k over 12sec...... you got the point or did i get something wrong?

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    Re: Most OP Holy Paladin Build need nerf?

    you guys as i can tell don't understand synergy well imp bom trummphs Benediction and that what you should drop like you will have mana problem with 2 min seal and judgment refunding way more then you use, shit imp bom at 80 give over 300 spell power with sheath, that's alot better then some small mana reduction that really isnt that helpful, coniction is a better choice over it, 5% crit with spells and melee, = gold for holy and ret, the build looks interesting i might test it out i was a big fan of shockadin in the day, if this thread is still around when i test run the build i'll hit it back up,lol

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    Re: Most OP Holy Paladin Build need nerf?

    What do you guys think of this for 5 man 10 man stuff
    Like to hear back on what you think
    I think it will be a very good utility build and be very stonge single target healer still and add lots of utility by mana back and a CC and 3% crit bonues on target

    when searching for stupidity look at the local political party

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    Re: Most OP Holy Paladin Build need nerf?

    You just forget that in party you reg only 20% of the dmg.
    The Judge dmg will be nerfed, and in addition with resilence a holy pala dont crit so much with his judgement.

    so what - we dont have any watershild or manareg totem.
    you want to nerf the only ability we can reg mana in fight?

    and watching your spec giving me headache :/
    you have absolutly no idea of paladins, sry

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    Re: Most OP Holy Paladin Build need nerf?

    Wow, some of you are so harsh... :P

    But, the one guy had it right, it was junk talents except for enlightened j, and jow.

    I'm sure someone could min/max the build a lot better around those two talents...

    I shouldn't have put nerf into the threat title, I just meant that as wow this is good, I'm sorry for the confusion.

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    Re: Most OP Holy Paladin Build need nerf?

    Maybe Blizzard is moving Arena in a direction where Mana (for all classes) is as easily regen-able as Energy or Rage, to take the emphasis off drinking and putting it more on strategy, chaining CC and killing people.

    I dunno what to say about PvP, but there's going to be even more ways to regen mana in a raid now, so I'm sure Blizzard is taking that into account. Raidwide mana from Water Elemental, Vampiric Touch, etc...

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    Re: Most OP Holy Paladin Build need nerf?

    Its not op ... ever heard of RESTO KIN ? That build is similar to restokin. Tbh i would go to infusion of light and take even repentance in retribution. Then you would have sick mana resto , CC and ok heals. Again similar to restokin. And no ofc its not op.

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