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    [A-PvE-Exodar] Apocalyptic Recruiting - 4/5 MH 4/9 BT

    Apocalyptic is an now recruiting serious endgame raiders. We are diligently working on T6 content, and have progressed fast in the few months since our conception. We have fully cleared T4, T5, ZA, 4\5 MH, and 4\9 BT. The classes we are currently looking for are….

    Holy Priest x1
    Mage x1
    Shadow Priest x1
    Arms Warrior x1
    Resto Shaman x1

    There are immediate raid slots open for these classes. Raid schedule … Sunday 7 to 11 pm, and Mon to Thurs, 7 30 to 11pm. Attendance is at least 3 nights a week to maintain raid status. We are working fast and furious to clear content before expansion, and are also working on raid composition for the upcoming expansion. We are serious when raiding, but fun loving group out of raids. So if you are interested in joining us on Exodar, do not hesitate to contact Pakserian, Evalia, Felron, or Kerafyrm.

    If you are interested in our guild, please apply at apocalyptic-exodar.guildlaunch.com

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    Re: Alliance 4/5 MH 4/9 BT -- EST -- More Info Inside


    guild link fixed and recruitment needs updated

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    Re: [A-PvE-Exodar] Apocalyptic Recruiting - 4/5 MH 4/9 BT


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