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    So, Grace...

    Is now a solely a flat 3% reduction in damage to mirror the new BoSanc.

    That's uh... pretty boring! I'm hoping they have some new stuff for Disc to make up for it. They mentioned at least one new talent is coming to support Penance a few days ago. Hope it's cool.

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    Re: So, Grace...

    Hopefully its a change to borrowed time, more worthless talent you have look for in a long time... or wait - enlightenment before the wotlk changes .

    But yes, it does sound abit boring that you can just apply it like that instead of thinking "will it add, do I remember to readd it" and similar .
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    Re: So, Grace...

    Something that bugs me is just how boring buffs and changes may have got. I mean, unless it's something to effect solely yourself, won't they have to design it so someone else has it too, lest they be left out by the big bad unique talent?

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