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    WotLK lvl 80 Priest PvP Spec

    I am looking for some help coming up with a few possible PvP specs for the lvl 80 cap. Can anyone help with a few suggestions and link the talent tree specs?


    EDIT: Disc or Holy specs only pls.

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    Re: WotLK lvl 80 Priest PvP Spec

    I personally think this looks good, together with the pvp spirit gear, for 2v2:

    Although the loss of Misery is worth crying over. :'(
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    Re: WotLK lvl 80 Priest PvP Spec

    I would rather try this one:

    Im not very sure about which talents i should pick in Disc, mainly since Stamina will be disspelled very fast, so imp sta is rather useless for PvP? Martyrdom could be a good alternative, and or maybe Silent Resolve? I consider the imp shield as a "must have" talent.
    Unbreakable Will isnt bad either, maybe instead of twin Disciplines? What do you think?

    EDIT: You could actually pick silent resolve if you drop Focused Mind. I dont think the mana will be a great issue in PvP, but lets see how it is, when WotLK goes live

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    Re: WotLK lvl 80 Priest PvP Spec


    I did some testing, and the +healing, with shield is going to be amazing. It's going to absorb about 3400damage. Do about 1700 damage, and return about 850 mana. Basically, the same PvP now, with a over powered shield.


    It's not the best spec, but eh, what can you do? It's Holy PvP.


    (Again, I would do other several things, but it's just basic)

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