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    the truth is we shouldnt be doing the same dps as our counter parts there is no other class with battle res id rather b res someone doing 3000 dps then do 3300 dps and not have a b res..... not to mention we can heal.....

    we arent OP... we are UP.... were aboput where we should be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chizzlechest
    maybe you haven't rooted many things, but roots break on the first tick of there own damage a lot. (as they are the only snare i know of that gives off its own damage) and yes i am talking about when they aren't being hit by anything else. So my question is more, have they changed the effectiveness of our snare? again i think it has to do with the fact that it is a snare ability and not a poly or mind control. I'm just wondering if it will be on par with with thing like poly and seduce as far a reliability.any details on this?

    and what are the glyphs for ER? and is there one for increased duration on Cyclone? that would be handy.

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    i have to agree, i have a balance druid with a decent 1145+dmg and entangling roots always holds for me. i can usually nuke the mob w/o worries until it is almost dead. In fact my paladin husband gets angry with me sometimes because i will ER+IS something and kill another mob while that one dies w/o anymore intervention on my part.

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