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    Re: moonkin itemization in beta

    Quote Originally Posted by Sarevokcz

    are you too domb to realize its one of the best talents for elemental at early 80s raiding? if its improvement over whatever is in ele tree, then why shouldnt ppl to spec for that? because its deeper in another tree? sheesh
    That doesn't really address anything. Just because it affects Ele doesn't mean it's meant for Ele. The druid resto tree has a talent for enhancing spirit, but we don't have access to it even though it could benefit us in terms of mana regen. No druid complains about that because it's not meant to be picked up by balance druid. Use common sense.

    also balance equivalent of intensity (namely dreamstate) is very same as for eleshammy, granted, we have EF for manaregen, but seriously, u have innervate also, sure, it can be used on other ppl, and EF is not "i never go oom" talent, shadowpriest is the key for keeping mana, do u have any idea how extremely manadraining it is to keep hasted 4/1 rotations? even with 40% crit, u would go oom in about minute and half

    and btw i have druid, tho not moonkin i admit, i always was tank with him, since i didnt really wanted second hybrid spellcaster
    What's your point? We're talking about why Balance druids need to place points in the Resto tree namely for mana regen, not about who has the more efficient talents for mana regen.

    simply put, what u are proposing here, is "so, we cnat get use out of stat until we spec for it, so lets give us several hundreds of critrating more frmo that stat, so we can spec for intensity and have both spiritmanareg and incredible boost from spi > crit" what a shocker,mages have to specc for manaregen 18 points into arcane and evocate is not spirit based anymore, so fires and frosts should get talent for what? covert spirit into haste?
    It actually has something to do with a lot of our talents relying on spell crit. Ele Shamans gain 5% crit to their lightning-related spells plus Elemental Oath, while Moonkins only retain the crit from their form, therefore spirit>crit would even out the hybrid spell casters and make our talents more useful.

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    Re: moonkin itemization in beta

    eleshaman goes oom even with mp5 and WS, only chance he is not, is with SP in group, period
    Our ele shaman has absolutely no mana problems, she doesn't even have to pot very often. You are either, terrible or lying.
    enhancing totems is crap until it improves ToW also, imp shields.. well it doesnt improve mp5, only charges procs, one of the medicore talents. hardly can outweight tidal mastery
    ToW got changed just a build ago, the talent will be changed to reflect this change, it's stupid to assume it won't. Blizzard has always been slow with this kind of stuff.
    Also, in t6 there is enough raid damage to proc WS often, and seeing how aoe damage and aoe heals are getting a lot of attention in Wotlk, I'm pretty sure there'll be a lot of raid damage in the expansion aswell.
    and in temrs of minmaxing pve build, shaman WILL have to spec either way, yea MQ should be theoretically enha talent, but since it will be one of the best ele talents at early 80s
    I stopped reading there.
    If you get MQ you can't get Storm, Earth and Fire, don't be an idiot.
    MQ is not meant to be picked up by elemental shamans, while intensity is, our balancing assumes we have it, and getting it limits our spec options a ton, you are trying to compare apples to oranges and the funny thing is, you actually think it's a valid comparation.

    Think a little bit before you type. Balance druids can't sustain their mana without Intensity, period. It also uses a stat that is otherwise irrelevant for them. Elemental shamans have none of these issues in PvE, stop making retarded comparations.

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