Shining Vanguard is a casual guild, of easy-going, helpful, and mature players (>18)who are interested in exploring all the different aspects of the World of Warcraft game; PVE, PVP, & Casual Raids. SV has been around for over a year. One of the main reasons people love our guild is because we believe in stopping to smell the roses and not just focus on getting to Level 70+. We don't make anyone play or spec any way other than the way they want to play. We find strength in this guild that we call ''family'' and in each other through friendship, adventuring and fighting the enemies of the Alliance.

Shining Vanguard is actively recruiting new members and are looking for new and experienced players to join one of the coolest and experienced guilds on the Moonguard Server. We do not limit our recruitment to purely high level players or raid-oriented play. We would like all classes & levels to feel welcome and take part in all the guild activities and events.

Shining Vanguard has their own website with a wide collection of rare and very useful resources, scheduled instance runs, guild raffles, lottery, Guild Rewards System (helps everyone in our guild get those rare and epic items).

If you are interested in joining Shining Vanguard, feel free to apply for membership by replying to this ad or visit our website over on You can also whisper Kassaria, Widgetz, or Justinoth while online.

See you in-game!