View Poll Results: what pally spec would be best to level with holy priest in WotLK

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  • Ret

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  • Prot

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  • shock

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    pally spec pveing with holy priest

    Taking off a couple of days when exp comes out. My buddie runs a 70 holy priest with enchanting/tailoring (maybe dropping tailoring for inscription).

    I have a 70 holy pally with 2070 plus healing. 375 mining/JC. I have some t4 prot and ret gear with some t5 badge gear for both.

    At this point i am trying to get ready for the exp and what spec to run. Should i increase my healing gear or go start working on prot or ret gear.

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    Re: pally spec pveing with holy priest


    End of discussion

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    Re: pally spec pveing with holy priest

    Start off ret, with the changes to the class we are basically running with a blue rage bar, so grinding up to 80 should be easy, and with the changes to righteous fury you should be able to tank fairly well without any points in prot. So ret it up to 80 at least then mabey switch to tankadin to do some serious instance grinding.

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    Re: pally spec pveing with holy priest

    I'd say Ret for leveling. You can tank if you need to, he can heal. For dps just group with some of the 1,000,000 Ret Pallys or Death Knights. ^_^ lol

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