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    Holy Spell Macro

    HI all, i know this is still early, but with so much tools, i guess we can start discussing doing some macro from the new holy spell, ie to macro divine favor with holy shock and HL for instant repair on tank.

    just a post to discuss, do imput hee

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    Re: Holy Spell Macro

    /cast Divine Favor
    /cast [target=mouseover] Holy Shock

    This spell is designed to work with Healbot. Basicly you just hold the cursor over the players name plate on Healbot and press the hotkey.

    Unfortunately, you cannot cast two spells that trigger the global cooldown in the same macro, so you're stuck simply pressing Holy Light after. But since you're already mousing over their name, it wont be hard

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    Re: Holy Spell Macro

    Thought I'd add a few things.

    A lot of people I know are huge fans of using target=focus macros for all their main target healing needs. Basicly you make a macro like so...

    /cast Divine Favor
    /cast [target=focus] Holy Shock

    How do you choose your focus? Simply target your tank at the beginning of the instance and press /focus. Now all macros pertaining to target=focus will automatically cast on that target. I consider it lazy mode lol.

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    Re: Holy Spell Macro

    As Moar Pew Pew said, that macro is pretty much the whole basis for what I use in my clique/grid combo too. At the moment on beta I have my healing spells set up as follows:

    Flash of Light = LMB
    Divine Favor/Holy Shock = shift + LMB
    Holy light = RMB
    Cleanse = shift + RMB

    Of course there's plenty of other stuff I have in addtion to that (HoP/Divine intervention, eventually maybe Beacon of Light etc) but they are easily added with extra mouse buttons and modifiers (Alt for example).

    I do have a focus macro that I can use, but as I'm mainly MT healing on my pally anyway, it's usually a moot point.

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    Re: Holy Spell Macro

    I freaking love modifier macros. On my Shaman I have every single totem on 4 buttons, complete with mod tooltips. ;D

    Macros are a beautiful thing.

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