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    Re: A twist in First Aid!

    As MortuariusBC said 5sec immunity for arena and bg and generally pvp would be fair.


    all we do here is an idea posted it and people share their thoughts. As i previously have stated these items i have proposed none of them are in beta and must not be taken for anything more than it already is , just ideas. IF it comes to that and some of this gets implemented for testing then we can argue all we want if it op or not ,if it will be usable in pvp or not.

    until further notice have a great night!

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    Re: A twist in First Aid!

    Quote Originally Posted by Purplehaze
    Yeah, I would welcome any buff to bandages on my warrior. 3400 HP isn't that much at 70 with epics. Probably wont change at 80. Maybe some superbandage with twice the mats in it and 50-75% more healing. It could be on a 5 min CD for that matter.

    And please, please something to remove diseases! It's not magical, so it should be possible to do with some medial skills. They're always like 30 min long and reduces stats with 50%.. Or causes dmg every 10 sec for 10 min or whatnot. And reduces healing. And kills your dog. Point is, they are very annoying and last very long.
    Go farm the kurzan guys in stv. its called jungle remedy.
    Beauty now spawns with only two pups in Heroic difficulty. Not to worry though, the missing pup has been adopted by a wonderful, if not insane family.

    I'm glad that Blizzard cares about the little things...

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    Re: A twist in First Aid!

    Yeah I know.. and you're absolutely right, STV needs more 70's :P

    A very valid point though, but I still feel it would be possible to have some sort of First Aid equivalent to this. I mean, you can already make anti-venom. I feel a desease is a "physical" thing, that is; not a magical or scourge-induced debuff. So in my head skilled First Aid players should perhaps be able to do something about it.

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    Re: A twist in First Aid!

    but that would mean direct nerf for DKs, which Blizz love right now, so i doubt that :/

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    Re: A twist in First Aid!

    Imba ides get them over to blizzard ASP :P
    Quote Originally Posted by AetherMcLoud
    Calling Mindflay a defense is like calling, excuse the language, slicing your anus open with a knife a defensive move against surprise buttsecks.

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    Re: A twist in First Aid!

    bump cause when i scroll down to find my post my thumb is killing me.

    new suggestion (not a great one imho ) but i had to write it cause my shrink and my mom said so! :-\

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    Re: A twist in First Aid!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kavalir
    Go farm the kurzan guys in stv. its called jungle remedy.
    Jungle Remedy is only up to lvl55, so even lvl60s can't use it, not talking about lvl80s. Erm.. I think?

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