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    Re: cat form should be improved

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    Re: cat form should be improved

    -cat form should make same dps as rogue
    -bear form should be as good as warrior tank
    -moonkin should do dps like locks/mages
    -tree should aoe heal like shaman, and heal single target as paladin
    -buff druids with new hero class shapeshift

    To sum up druid is only class that should stay i wow.
    Why lvl other toons if u can fulfill all roles as druid, only respecing.

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    Re: cat form should be improved

    I'm not saying druids should have the same dps as a rogue, because I believe that even when a druid falls short on dps they make up for it with raid effects (leader of the pack and such) but as of now and the way it looks, leader of the pack won't be enough for cats to be useful in raids :*(

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    Re: cat form should be improved

    this thread is obviously wrong not to mention worthless and should be deleted, that being said, druids are fine, worthwhile to raid high end in any spec and completely useful in most situations

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    Re: cat form should be improved

    or delete the tree and make the moonkin heal
    it's horrible to become a tree oh it's true

    I love the tree's and if they even considered deleting any of our heals i will burn your house down for suggesting it
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    Re: cat form should be improved

    Luda speaks the truth.

    My druid pumps out about 1200-1400dps buffed in a 25 man. Slightly higher if I have a bear tank doing mangles.
    The biggest problem is threat, I ride the tank's ass and can't drop it at all if I pull aggro with an unlucky crit, even with salv. Cower is only useful cause it takes attacks ut of rotation and eats up energy.

    I like some of the DPS changes they are making, but threat (with the changes to salv) is still an issue, unless someone in beta can assure us the "baked in salv" is enough.

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    Re: cat form should be improved


    Feral scaling is the issue here. We are great during leveling regardless of gear (unless it is grey trash) but then at the end game, all melee classes overtakes us by a mile just due to damage scaling with weapon dps in mind.

    How to correct damage scaling?

    Lower base feral forms damage then give each form (cat, bear and dire bear) their own +% (overall) damage modifier.

    +10% to cat - as base + (15% - 25% as a feral talent - HotW is prime candidate to replace +AP in cat)
    +5% to dire bear

    normal bear form should not have any damage modifier

    Some number crunching on attack skills will be required to recalculate damage on them.

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    Re: cat form should be improved

    Quote Originally Posted by Ludacliff
    For the threat reduction I had a fun idea that we pick up a hunter trick like feign death, I'd call it "Play Dead" but the extra dps is a hard one to make up and if Blizzard found a way to do it cats would probably need to be nerfed because of it.
    We originally had Play Dead in Beta Vanilla wow, it was removed and given to hunters on public release or a little after (cant remember the exact patch)

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    Re: cat form should be improved

    Quote Originally Posted by Caidrin
    i vote we remove cat form from people like this and replace it with murloc form!
    I say we remove people like this and replace them by murlocks! (in cat form?)

    And @ OP : No! No, no, no. Cat is for fite!! And it's fine. It's not a rogue, but it has crit aura, healing, root, nature's grasp, cyclone, sleep (beast and dragonkin), bearform, combat/ooc ress, innervate... you get the point.

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    Re: cat form should be improved

    Why do people make such senseless posts of forums?

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