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    raiding resto spec(awesomeness here)

    now i dont claim to know alot about druids, i just lvl a druid to 70 and plan to make him resto. and my build is probably not perfect and points can be thrown around a little for improvement especially since i didnt look at balance all that much and might have misplaced some "fillers". Now seeing the druids are normally are the "raid" healers in the 25mans i made a spec to be the ULTIMATE RAID HEALER. ok maybe im exaggerating but here is the build:

    so yea, tell me what u think, maybe this post can be use for ways on adjusting it slightly for improvement. and if u think if sucks, then...... flame me im cool with whatever u post as long its not plain stupid.

    edit: i forgot omen of clarity :P

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    Re: raiding resto spec(awesomeness here)

    this spec isn't quite what a raiding resto druid would get, for one thing, flourish, imp tree of life, you can't skip out on, while nature's reach doesn't affect resto spells at all.
    the spec i plan on being removes but natures splendor and grace from the balance tree, get omen of clarity, take out the points from tranquil spirit and put those points into imp tree of life, flourish, gift of the earthmother, replenish and a leftover point into natural perfection

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    Re: raiding resto spec(awesomeness here)

    Close, but not so much.

    3/3 in Subtlety is a must. Druids have no aggro drop, so if you pull aggro, you better hope tree form can take it.

    You went too far into balance. Ideally, you should be spending no time casting dmg spells, so your 4 points just to get to Lunar Guidance were a waste. Your 2 points in Nature's reach were also a waste. You spent 7 points to get a 12% boost to spellpower of your intellect (which, by BC standards, would be about 50, but it's tough to gauge what that is equivalent to in +heals for WotLK), whereas getting the extra 10% in improved tree of life would be about 200 +heals in BC standards.

    Replenish is a must. Gonna be great "battery" utility there, and it's gonna make druids amazing raid healers.

    No omen of clarity? That's downright silly. Check the change to it. It's no longer just for leveling.

    I'm currently suggesting against speccing for nourish/healing touch, but that's mostly my old instincts, we'll have to see how it plays out with them in tree form, now that you can cast healing touch in tree. Either way, I can't imagine HT being used without nature's swiftness, so stay away from the casting speed reduction.

    Here's how I went. Regardless... there's too much good shit in resto to go that far into balance.

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    Re: raiding resto spec(awesomeness here)

    i disagree that 3/3 is a must.....let me ask you, when does a druid ever get close to threat in a raid?

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    Re: raiding resto spec(awesomeness here)

    Almost any bosses with mass AOE damage can get pretty close for druid healers, since they're generally just popping a stack or 2 of lifebloom on people, and then moving to the next person.

    Either way, though... Flourish and the ability to cast healing touch in tree form are both going to have druids generating more threat than before.

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    Re: raiding resto spec(awesomeness here)

    By the way, you linked to his original build.

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    Re: raiding resto spec(awesomeness here)

    So i did, hopefully this link is the right one,

    thats the sort of spec i would be going for at 80.... thoughts?

    side note: i would most probably in all accounts transfer 2 points from tranquil spirit to improved regrowth to max this talent out.

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    Re: raiding resto spec(awesomeness here)

    i didnt take thoroughly into account flourish and the amount of agro it may generate.... having said this i believe that a couple of points is sufficient...

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    Re: raiding resto spec(awesomeness here)

    pulling aggro on bosses that do a lot of aoe dmg? i've NEVER heard of anything like that before, but pulling aggro on trash? Often.

    about the lvl 80 build, you put quite a few points into reduced mana costs, with how druids are currently in the mana regen category (amazing) plus the addtional 15% mana cost reduction in ToL not to mention that it now seems silly not to put points into moonglow, i don't think we're gonna be having any mana problems any time soon.

    Now that we have living seed, I'd definitely put the points into imp regrowth.

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    Re: raiding resto spec(awesomeness here)

    I agree with that also

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    Re: raiding resto spec(awesomeness here)

    wow so many replies in such little time.

    -yes i overlook omen of clarity cuz, well, i didnt notice the change.

    -flouish, its just not much a druid thing raid healing thing. raiding might change, but i dont think there will be many fights like the 1st boss in BT. plus u got priest, palys, and shamans who will spec for this kind of move.

    -2 extra points tree of life, really 10% of mana, its nice, but i never really see druids oom in the first place, without this talent but that could change, idk.

    -replenish, i think people are overrating this. really rejuv ticks 4 times and i with natures splendor i think its 5 times, im not sure how that will work.......... and 15% is very low. then for what 2% mana? 10 energy? think about it this way, if u have 5 ticks and 15% chance the chance of it procing on one rejuv is 5 x 3/20. which makes it a 75% chance to what? gain 5 rage? i personally think blizz will make this to ticks of all druid hots.

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    Re: raiding resto spec(awesomeness here)

    First this is a spec I was tossing around
    Second, replenish is not necessary?!
    OMFG replenish is sooooo rediculous, don't think about it for rage or energy, think about it for the mana. 75% to get 2% mana? or more useful 15% to get 2% mana every 3 sec because you can keep up rejuvenation on 15 people or so, and a new average mana pool of what, 14k? Now it's math time!!

    14,000x0.15x0.02= 42 mana every 3 sec for each person affected, so for 15 people 42x15= 630 mana every 3 sec because of 3 talent points?
    You guys decide if it's worth it, I know what a mage would say.

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    Re: raiding resto spec(awesomeness here)

    not putting a single point in to get a move that will be not only a new hot say for a tank, but also for several people around him is just plain silly. As for replenish, i've seen quite a few different posts of formulas/numbers for how it COULD work (such as whether or not it ticks when the target is at max health), ranging from mini innervates to just above worthless, i'd say its a little early to go either way on that one. i just put points into it for a lack of anything significantly better

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    Re: raiding resto spec(awesomeness here)

    This build is total trash, sorry :-\

    Vengeance and Nature's Reach: is't improve only balance nukes that you can not cast in tree of life. And don't need to cast.

    Lunar Guidance: is is only useful deep balance tallent in your build but Intellect is unimportant stat for resto druids. 100-150 healing bonus do not cost 9 tallent points.

    Tranquil Spirit: the most lame tallent in resto tree. Puttin 2 points here same as throwing them into window.

    If nothing get serious changes

    would best choise build for PvE.

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    Re: raiding resto spec(awesomeness here)

    lol, you didn't read a single one of the posts besides the OP did you?
    not to mention there is no clear cut "best" in resto talent builds.

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    Re: raiding resto spec(awesomeness here)

    Replenish is necessary. The end.

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    Re: raiding resto spec(awesomeness here)

    This is the build i've been looking at:

    From what everyone is saying, Replenish is the shiz, but it seems kinda lack-luster to me. The only reason i put points there was to use up my last 3.

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    Re: raiding resto spec(awesomeness here)

    Quote Originally Posted by dylpickleboy
    -2 extra points tree of life, really 10% of mana, its nice, but i never really see druids oom in the first place, without this talent but that could change, idk.
    There are probably only 3 situations in which Resto druids have no mana problems:
    1) They are being too lazy to put out as much healing as they are actually capable of (by only ever casting 1 or 2 healing spells, if that, in the 7 seconds they have to refresh Lifebloom on the tank (assuming they even keep Lifebloom refreshed)), forcing the other healers in the raid to pick up their slack.
    2) They are not required to heal as much as they are able to because there is only one tank and most of the raid healing is being taken care of by CoH Priests and CH Shammies (making most of the druid's single-target raid heals wasted).
    3) They are well-geared/over-geared for the instance they are in, with enough +mp5, innervates, and if necessary, mana pots to overcome their constant heal-spamming.

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    Re: raiding resto spec(awesomeness here)

    I participated in the legendary BACON thread.

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    Re: raiding resto spec(awesomeness here)

    Anyone feel a bit like resto druid almost has two trees, now... HoT spec'd and "Casting Time" spec'd? It just looks a bit like you're deciding to choose between HoTs, or Nourish/Healing Touch/Regrowth, and now that you can cast HT in tree form, those are actually decently spent points.

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