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    Re: Your world will crumble...

    This just has to be stickied. I wholeheartedly agree with you!

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    Re: Your world will crumble...

    Quote Originally Posted by Pauridius
    This thead deserves a sticky.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chronalis
    Rule #84 of WoW: Saying "Rotation" doesn't automatically make you a good player... or even a competent one.

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    The World of Warcraft is a game of much complexity, sometimes there's fire, and you have to not stand in it

    xheouls guide to wow.

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    Mr. OP, may I call you Mr. OP? I would very much like to start a religion based on you if thats ok.
    we can call it Xheoulism...

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    I just found the lost patch day manuscript of patch days.

    The servers are laggy.

    Blizzard hates me.
    Blizzard hates my class.
    They nerfed my class.
    They buffed my class.
    This mechanic sucks.

    They nerfed Paladins. They nerfed Warriors. they nerfed Rogues. they nerfed Druids. they nerfed Shamans. they nerfed Death Knights. They nerfed mages. They nerfed Warlocks. they nerfed Priests. They nerfed Hunters.

    Bring back theralion's old voice.

    this instance is faceroll. This instance is hard.

    I don't need to CC.

    I need to CC.

    What is CC?

    These rewards suck.

    These rewards rock.

    Nerf paladins.

    Buff Paladins.

    I want epic flying cost reduced.

    I hope they bring back old raids.

    I want attunments.

    I don't want attunments.

    My hope in humanity has faded.


    A one year necro!?

    I am gonna get killed!
    Quote Originally Posted by Mortis Darkskull View Post
    1st south park garots... now happy garots... next one must be overdramatic seinen manga garots...
    Best of 5 years!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teferi View Post
    /agree. Although he forgot the part about 90% of WoW players being idiots according to most people.
    The fact that on average when i do random pugs on one of my 3 servers, one being in top 10, one being in top 50, one being in top 150, and that maybe 2 out of the 17 some odd dps break 10k dps, would like to have a word with you. Even 10k dps these days in decent gear is bad. On a serious note, mostly true although i can't really remember the last time a priest got buffed (healing wise.

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    Locking this.

    Comparing things to cancer in the opening post? Not on my watch. You know, some people who actually have cancer will be very offended by that and I'll say shame on everyone who participated in this thread with or without realizing this. Thanks to everyone who reported this thread.

    Also, this thread has been necrod, which would be another reason to lock it.

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