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    wotlk - totems


    with wotlk totems are for the entire raid... do they have to be in range or do totems work like the treeaura?

    for example:
    Totem of Wrath (Tier 9): Summons a Totem of Wrath with 5 health at the feet of the caster. The totem increases the damage done by spells and effects by 100% for all party and raid members,
    theres not a word about the range!

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    Re: wotlk - totems

    as far as I understand, all totems will be 30yd range. The lone exception seems to be totem of wrath which will be 40yds.

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    Re: wotlk - totems

    mhm the 40 yards refer to the additional crit... means when a mob is in 40yrds range it triggers the additional "ability"

    increases the critical strike chance of spells and effects by 3% against all enemies within 40 yards. Lasts 2 min.

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    Will Tremor totem then also work on the whole raid, if they are close enough? that would be a huge boost to our Archi tries as we constantly lack shamans (ally side ofc) to counter that damn aoe fear.

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