<Hat> is a tight knit guild that is currently looking to recruit more dedicated players to help us reclaim the Sunwell Plateau. We pride ourselves on how well we get along with each other and the absolute lack of drama in our guild. If you have a history of personality conflicts with members of your guild or you've ever had a loot-drama episode, this is not the guild for you. More than anything else, we exist to increase our members’ enjoyment of the game.

We are currently 4/6 Sunwell Plateau and are pushing hard to down M'uru.
We are on Gorefiend, a US PvP server.
We raid Sunday-Wednesday from 7-11pm EST (server time).

We are currently recruiting:
-1 EXCEPTIONAL protection warrior. Tier 6 level gear is necessary in most slots, but exceptions will be made if you are the best tank ever. Sunwell experience is a plus, but certainly not required. This is not a back-up spot.

We are also recruiting:
-Resto shaman
-1 Ret paladin

If <Hat> sounds like the guild for you, please feel free to post an application at www.hatguild.com, or contact me in game.