Atrocity is a new Alliance guild on the Frostwolf server. We are starting recruitment now, but not for any BC content. We hope to have a reasonable amount of members in place for leveling in Wrath of the Lich King, and eventually, raiding. You can check us out at

What makes us special?
Our self imposed time limits. We've all been in the raids that seem to drag on until the early hours of the morning. In an effort to stop such behavior we will be using hard start and stop times. If we are going to raid something, and the raid is scheduled to end at 11pm, thats when it ends. (Possible exceptions will be made if we are just about to attempt a boss, but nothing more then 15 minutes.) We will also be designating an "off week" each month. During those weeks members will be encouraged to BG, daily, sleep, or even catch up on those niggling real life responsibilities.

Hopefully such policies will help prevent burnout, and keep the game fun. Not to mention the added bonus of being able to wake up for your job not hating yourself.

What we expect
Specific member expectations can be found on our website. In general we expect players to be very well versed in their chosen class, able to take difficulties in stride, and be intelligent. Solid skills in theorycrafting and addon usage will also be required. Beyond this all members should have very strong communication skills, both spoken and written.

The Plan
As I said we are currently simply working to shore up our numbers. If we happen to get some raiding in before Wrath so be it, but don't come expecting there to be much emphasis on BC progression. We are just in a holding pattern until Wrath. Once Wrath finally is released we will get leveling and are looking at a time frame of about 4 months to be consistently raiding. (Of course dependent on what the final leveling curve looks like.)

Why the name Atrocity?
It was available.

Why should you join?
Maybe you're burnt out on BC, but are planning to play again in Wrath. Perhaps you're looking for a guild where proper grammar is the norm. Could you be sick of 6 hour raids? You could even be looking for a fun group of peeps to digitally chill with. I also have cake.

In Conclusion...

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