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    Confirmation about the new lay on hands

    It seems as though the new lay on hands ability in wotk will cost zero mana. Is this right?
    I'm just going by what http://wotlk.wowhead.com/?spell=48788 says, and all the info I can find on wowhead.

    If this is true, I'm pretty happy about it. At a 20 min CD, its worth putting the 2 talents points in improving it. I dont see this as an emergency spell anymore, rather as a 15 sec boost to the tank during a boss fight. Of course it can also be an emergency save, but say during a boss fight towards the end or during a period of intense damage being dealt to the tank, the Holy pally can heal the tank up to full and give him a 50% armour boost for 15 secs. Very nice. And for free.

    Not really overpowered cause of the CD, and that it only last 15 secs. If used as an emergency spell, it will be wasted if its anywhere near a boss fight.

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    Re: Confirmation about the new lay on hands

    yes thats how it works now

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    Re: Confirmation about the new lay on hands

    yah lol im realy looking forwered to having a 20 min cd 100% hp return with some mana tacked on ;D - now if only they can fix judgment of the wise

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