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    80% movement speed reduction?

    Divine purpose reduces the duration of movement slowing effects by 30% and now toughness by 50%

    obviously will be changed but did blizzard realize this?

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    Re: 80% movement speed reduction?

    If you get both it is probably toughness reduces it to 50% duration, and then you get 30% duration of the 50%.
    So it'd be like 33% duration on movement impairing effects

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    Re: 80% movement speed reduction?

    I find it hard to believe that they would stack. 80% reduction to a class that already have Hand of Freedom? If anything Toughness would overwrite Divine Purpose, resulting in a 50% movement slowing effect reduction. Just like Crusader Aura cancels out mount speed trinkets. Blizzard just forgot to put it in the tooltip. Though I could be wrong.

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