<How About NO> of Ner'zhul on BG9 is recruiting the following:

Restoration Shaman
Elemental Shaman
Holy Priest
Survival Hunter

SITUATION: We need stable raiders to fill-out these spots. The guild environment is clean and sexy.
RAID TIME: 7-11pm PACIFIC STANDARD TIME, Monday->Thursday.

Before applying to this RAIDING guild ask yourself the following questions. Be honest!

-> Are of AGE and MATURITY to raid? No Parent aggro? No Girlfriend aggro?
We have several members that either get kicked off their computers at certain times or have uncompromising girlfriends. If raiding means you can only raid until a certain time or on negotiated days, then maybe this guild isn't for you.

-> Do you have the TIME to raid? 7PM Pacific Standard Time, Monday-Thursday. Raids last 4 hours. Might finish earlier. On progression nights we can push 5 hours.
Some people honestly don't have the patience or GOLD to wipe and learn attempts. Although the raid leader tries to maintain a balance between senseless wiping and learning, persistence is a key factor in progression.

-> Are you RESPONSIBLE for progression when you are given gear? Will you stay even after you have your gear?
Not that we have any right to tell you what to do with your gear if you're unhappy... but a little honesty and talking things over would be appropriate before you decide on leaving the guild or quitting the game.

-> If you will be absent will you be RESPONSIBLE enough to say so in advance if possible? Also, can you make at least 85% of the raids per week?
Some people do have special schedules but can make a majority of the raids per week. Negotiate your schedule accordingly so we don't have 24 other people waiting on you. RL does happen that includes IMPORTANT THINGS. Just remember that 24 other people count on others to say whether to wait for them to get online or look for a replacement.

-> Are you aware of GEARING OR SKILL ISSUES that may bench you on PROGRESSION raids?
We will bench you especially on PROGRESSION or HARDER BOSSES if you don't perform well, or your gear doesn't allow you to perform at a standard expected level. We can either judge benching you objectively via wowwebstats and meters, or subjectively via 'you just might suck at realizing this and that' or some 'anti-social reason that makes you believe you are better then everyone else that eventually drags the ENTIRE raid down'.

-> Are you in FULL CONTROL of your character? Macros, KEYBINDINGS, mouse-looking, focus targets?
Some people are just natural gamers and they 'know' all the little tricks that makes the game exponentially easier. By understanding the basics of how WOW works you can make raiding easier. What is a focus target? Aside from targeting whoever you are healing, tanking or dpsing, you can select another target as you focus and WATCH what the target is casting/targeting and REACT accordingly.