Hey, I'm leveling my Priest and I'm going to be playing with a Rogue in 2s and RMP in 3s. Possibly Rogue/Boomkin/Priest. I'm an experienced Arena player on other toons (mainly a ShS/Hemo Rogue, some Holy Pala and Ret Pala experience), and in light of the recent thread on 5-10-25 man healing, I thought I'd ask for some Arena tips.

From what I've seen, Priest/Rogue (and RMP) have the Priest in a pretty offensive healer mode; chase the Druid (and other healers) around, scream, Mana Burn offensively to prevent CC, throw up SWP/Devouring Plague, use Mind Blast and SWD when going for a kill, etc... Dispel debuffs and enemy HoTs.

I'll be speccing 43/5/13 most likely and playing with a full S3, partial S4 Mutilate Rogue, as I'd like at least my S3 weapon/shoulders before S4 ends. As far as I can tell, your major mobile healing spells are PW: Shield, Prayer of Mending, and Renew. Keep Inner Fire up, try to time Gheals for when the MS debuff falls off. LoS, like normal Arena practice.

How effective is fakehealing; or casting a Mind Control to eat the interrupt or get some distance?

Any advice or major things I'm missing? Obviously, I'll learn a lot while I grind out the gear I need in BGs and get skirmishes in, but knowing ahead of time is always good.

How important is the FSR in Arena? Or is it more about finding time to drink in mana intensive fights?

What about gemming? I plan on slotting +10 Resilience in yellow slots (+8 if I'm cheap) and loading up with Teardrops. Are the +healing/mp5 gems worth it? What about meta?

Enchants seem pretty obvious, except for penetration on back, hit rating on gloves - I assume that's what a lot of Priests do?

I've watched some PvP videos:
Deen - Carried by Racials is probably the best I've seen in terms of skill.
You Lack Discipline was pretty good, too.
Menis 1 & 2 (Shadow Priest)
Persepha2 was very nicely edited, but they didn't seem like the best players.

Any suggestions on what else to download?

My keybinds planned for 70 look like this:

1 Binding Heal
2 Flash Heal
3 Greater Heal
4 Inner Focus
5 Power Infusion

s-1 Shadow Word: Pain
s-2 Mind Blast
s-3 Shadow Word: Death
s-4 Mind Control
s-5 Shadowfiend

c Mana Burn
s-c Mass Dispel
f Power Word: Shield
s-f Inner Fire
r Prayer of Mending
s-r Renew
v Dispel Magic
s-v Abolish Disease
g Will of the Forsaken
s-g Medallion of the Horde
t Psychic Scream
s-t Pain Suppression

No binds yet:
Fear Ward
Devouring Plague