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    [PvE] 9pm PST 5/5 9/9 LF3M

    Dream Team is currently leading the alliance in progression on the Blade's Edge server (PVE). We're a small, tight knit guild filled with career professionals and some college students who lead busy lives during the day, spend time with our families in the early evening, and love to play WoW the rest of the night. Our current focus is SWP.

    We only raid 3 nights per week: Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 9p-12a server time. We find that this raid schedule helps us maintain a good balance with RL while allowing us to achieve our progression goals. Because we only raid 9 hours per week, we are very focused and move rather quickly during our raids.

    We are currently recruiting the following classes with MH/BT experience:

    (1) Resto Shaman
    (1) Elemental Shaman
    (1) Balance Druid

    For more information, please visit our website at http://www.theguildofdreams.com and create a forum account with the name of your WoW toon.

    Thank you.

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    Re: [PvE] 9pm PST 5/5 9/9 LF3M


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