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    Re: Straight Pve Shadow, watch out now!

    Im using imp VE on every boss in Sunwell and its just rocks ! The only Boss im using it later is Felmyst coz there is the Threat gen too high.

    Fade is very helpfull on Killjaden when the Reflections spawns. But i dont use it on other Encounter , Muru eventually.

    My Question about imp SF is: If we got hit and with the talent the spellbushback is like 0.3s, If this would happen after an Mind flay tick, would this mean the next tick will be 0.3 s faster or do we loose a Tick anyway?

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    Re: Straight Pve Shadow, watch out now!

    To lostprophet

    i believe we would lose a tick...not sure though, i will test it as soon as possible.

    if they do lower the hit cap rating that would be awesome... only reason i would keep misery is for the other dps. Boomkins have better things to spend their points on, and really there isnt anything else spriests need in our tree. So i would rather let the boomkin pass up on imp ff, so they can get something more useful

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    Re: Straight Pve Shadow, watch out now!

    Just to throw a spanner in the works - I am currently playing on WoW Beta on the EU server, so am wondering where this Spell Power bonus from inner fire comes from? I have been casting inner fire upon myself & seeing no change to my Spell Power at all (nor can i see any talent in the trees that affect inner fire to give it the spell power bonus you talk of)

    I am playing around with spec's to get a good idea of what is good for PvE

    As for Imp VE i find that is very much upto personal opinion, and although i am using it at the moment I am going to try without it later this evening

    While I have been playing there seems to be a fair whack of hit rating on items, so I dont see misery being a problem for us individually, for raid it would be nice until ppl get hit capped, but not imo for lvling.

    Thinking of something like

    This at 80
    and then working backwards

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    Re: Straight Pve Shadow, watch out now!

    Just thinking about Misery again... I guess spending 3 points in Misery allows you to itemise your own gear to not include 3% hit... perhaps you get to gem for more SD... without really analysing WotLK items it's a bit hard to speculate if it's worth it.

    My intuition tells me it won't be... and another way to look at it (using current BC hit cap values)... I could equate 12.6 hit rating (1% spell hit) to equal 1 talent point... if gear was to give you + talent points i'm sure people would go crazy for it... so leggings of devestation that have 26 hit rating on them could be viewed as +2 talent points.

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    Re: Straight Pve Shadow, watch out now!

    to Worshaka:

    About Hit and Misery: U rarely can choose between two items. In most cases u have one Item that fits best in ur slot. So u will get Hit anyway. I dont know how much Hit there will be on the lvl 80 Tier Items, so maybe u will have skilled Misery first and after u get better items, eventually u will get more Hit and so do other casters as well. If everyone is hitcappe w/o Misery there is no more a Use for it.

    to Marrv:

    Look at imp Innerfire on the Beta Build 8885 : And i believe that the Ranks 1-7 will never have Spellpower. So u have to reach a certain lvl where u get Inner Fire Rank 8, which should have 120 Spellpower(untalented) in addition of the Armor.

    to rikken:

    I believe it too but that would mean that Imp SF will only work on Mindblast und vT. The have to change it for channeled Spell to the old System. Or its a Nerf??! coz w/o Imp SF, you would loose 1s = 1 Tick(w/o Haste) and with imp SF it will be 70% less = 0.3s. That means u cast 2.7s für 2 Ticks compared to 2s for 2Ticks. Or do i just missunderstand something:/

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