Vicious will be a WotLK reroll. This meaning that we will be leveling up before the expansion and getting ready for what it brings. Will be HARDCORE.

[ul]Alliance - PvP
Server: Unannounced
Raiding Times: 8-12pmCST
Raiding Days: No more then 4days a week
Reroll will start when we are ready and have the numbers[/ul]


[ul]Drama or anything by a individual will be removed completely..
Must have T4 exp we may accept lower if you strive to be dedicated.
We are not gonna be hard on recruiting, If it seems like your gonna be a dropout, you wont be accepted. We are over recruiting because we all know rerolls lose ppl due to alot of reasons.
Only looking for dedicated/determined rerollers.. [/ul]

The Plan
[ul]First off, recruiting enough dedicated minded people will be a challenge but once we get the numbers we need the reroll will start, we will rush to 70 get geared pvp have some fun and begin raiding before the expansion, New talents will be out in a month or so and we wanna be at 70 before then![/ul]

[ul]Leveling will be around 3-4 weeks to get 70. Slacking will not be tolerated.
Loot Dist will be voted upon by all members[/ul]

IRC Channel

Kind regards,
Echo, GM of Vicious (and ofcourse the Vicious Staff!)

LAST UPDATE: Sunday, 31th of August