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    Group Spec v. Raid Spec

    I plan to start WotLK with the following spec...


    and will allocate talents points while leveling as follows...

    71 = 1pt in Siphon Life
    72 - 75 = 4pts in Shadow Embrace
    75 - 80 = 5pts in Shadow Mastery

    Assuming 5-mans will be a requisite to attain raiding gear, is it worth it to respec to 50/21 Demo/Destro at 80? To me, Demonic Pact seem to be a poor choice for 5-man content.

    A secondary option at 80 for 5-mans would be...



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    Re: Group Spec v. Raid Spec

    30/0/41 builds (SE/SM/S&F and SF just for pimp) for shadow , 0/21/50 for fire or Heavy destruction seem to all be viable solutions, but since we are expecting major changes i wouldn't be really worried on what spec to follow from now, wait some more builds things will definitely change.

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    Re: Group Spec v. Raid Spec

    i think this talent build will replace the old sacrifice/destro build,
    much more shadow spell damage bonus, siphon life,
    corruption-->shadow embrace, and instant SB by corruption.
    here it is:

    spell rotation:
    corr, sl, CoE, SB spam, refresh dots before duration ends

    whit this build fire mages and locks get 10% fire dmg up from
    SB and dots ( 15% chance to increase for 6 sec )
    what is not a really bad thing.

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