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    Tanking Professions ?

    I’ll be rolling DK with the sole reason to tank. I’ve had enough of spamming my hunter macro’s.

    I was just wondering which professions would provide the best support/ buffs for a tanking DK. I imagine it is almost all about +Stamina when your a tank.

    Any ideas would be help full. Thanks

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    Re: Tanking Professions ?

    Im in a similar dilemma, you deffinately want Mining as that gives a +35 stam buff at max level.

    but until they release the rest of the details, im unsure whether engineering or blacksmithing will be best, or another profession.

    BS looks strong with its extra sockets though, but engineering seems to have some beefy stam trinkets, and will likely have a very good head slot.

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    Re: Tanking Professions ?

    Engineering with the new wotlk stuff
    BS (axe, sword-smith, maybe armor depending on what you get to make)
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    Re: Tanking Professions ?

    JC will provide some awesome BoP gems.

    Blacksmithing will provide some extra sockets, and possibly some of the best weapons/armor available.

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    Re: Tanking Professions ?

    http://www.wotlkwiki.info/index.php/...w_Item_Recipes < the trinket which gives 81 stam, and a proc when taking damage to give 430 AP for 10s seems quite nice, especially if they have an epic version of it later on.

    But time will tell, it also mentions portable mailbox/auction houses and an upgraded version of the jumper cables (gnomish army knife)

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    Re: Tanking Professions ?

    You defenitly don't want mining. First of all the bonus has been nerfed from +35sta to +300 health. Second, Leatherworking BOP bracer enchants give +90sta, compared to the +16sta from enchanting, this is a LOT better then mining.

    Viable proffessions:

    Blacksmithing: 2 normal sockets and 1 meta socket (if armorsmith). And potentially crafting of many items that will benefit you at the start of WOTLK

    Leatherworking: 90sta bracer enchant or +60 resistance bracer enchants for your resistance set (enables you to wear 1 less item !!! huge difference). Also the drums are still quite nice.

    Jewelcrafting: The BOP gems are really nice, and potentially a trinket that is usefull for you. See the trinket with stamina and 2 gem slots !!
    One MAJOR downside is the recent change that you can have a maximum of 3 jewelcrafter only gems in your gear. This SEVERELY limits the usefullness of this profession. Enchanting +8stats to rings is undenibly better at this time.

    Enchanting: +8stats to rings. Depending on class, there are many of those stats that are usefull to you.

    Engineering: Some nice gun (warrior only obviously) and trinket. But there are bound to be better trinkets in raids.

    Inscription: Potentially a 4th major glyph can be very powerful depending on your class glyphs.

    It is hard to say at this time because not all profession only perks are known yet.
    But if it would go live as is, I'd have to say BS and LW as top tank proffessions.

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    Re: Tanking Professions ?

    I must admit I’ve been looking at LW as a viable tank profession, sounded weird in the beginning, but there is also that BoP leg Enchant that gives an extra 10 Stam than the BoE one, sorry can’t get a link, have a real slow connection at the moment.

    So would just have to wait and see until all the professions are done, damn looks look I’ll need to start to gather some skins.

    Will also need to wait and see what the BoP recipes for BS looks like, might not be the must have obvious choice for tanking.

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    Re: Tanking Professions ?

    They'll all balance slots in the end.

    Enchanting will probably get neck enchants, along
    with belt enchants.

    Blacksmithing at least got good "starting" gear to tank
    with (and a full set, not just 1 piece here and there).
    I thought it was stupid how practically all of the BS
    crafted items from BT/Hyjal were completely untank related.
    I would hope that aspect changes for Wrath.

    Jewelcrafting is w/o a doubt one of the best ones to take.
    Gems are something you will update constantly as you progress,
    more gem options, and if the trend continues, the BoP trinkets will
    be some of the better in slot items for many aspects.

    Alchemy is practically worthless for a tank.

    Leatherworking has options, but it remains to be seen if the BoE
    are going to be spaced close enough to the BoP that other professions
    BoP are going to close the margin enough to maybe negate that sole

    I am BS/JC, and my only other consideration was Eng instead of BS.

    The rest to me, weren't viable enough over a wide range of options.
    1/2 specific items to me is not enough to warrant change. 5-6 would
    make me consider it though.
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    Re: Tanking Professions ?

    I would go with the Mining for +stamina and Armorsmith for the extra metasocket on chest (I think) and the other 2 extra socket on bracer and belt i think. In metagem you get 32 more stamina and 2% more armor from items (and you have this in helm meta too) then on the other 2 sockets you place +21 stam.....lots of stamina there

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