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    Re: Server Firsts FoS Removal, Patch 3.0

    We've decided to remove the titles for the Realm First Feats of Strength that are associated with reaching level 80. We've also removed the titles associated with the Realm First Feats of Strength associated with gaining 450 skill in the professions and secondary skill. Lastly, we've removed the title associated with Realm First to accomplish the Northrend Vanguard achievement.
    Good Bye boxes of energy drinks..good change tbh
    Quote Originally Posted by Nowyn
    All the screams of "WoW is dying" is just stupid to me. Their numbers keep going up, how do you explain that? Personally I get really tired of WoW, wait let me rephrase that, personally I get tired of the morons I have to put with when I play WoW. Morons who think that they are entitled something, morons who whimper about the old days when they were screaming about how boring MC was and how they wanted to claw their eyes out. I wish you people could hear/read what you say/post sometimes.

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    Re: Server Firsts FoS Removal, Patch 3.0

    Quote Originally Posted by Koris
    Working hard? So "working hard" = more time to spend on a game, right?
    well... if those ppl want to put effort in powerleveling for titles, why shouldnt they? i really dont know why it was removed, you can always enjoy content even after hitting 80lev

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    Re: Server Firsts FoS Removal, Patch 3.0

    Especially faster leveling from 60-70 seems nice imo, when you have a 63 druid. So, maybe I just haven't seen this, so don't blame me with: ''OMG L2READ'' and stuff...When exactly is 3.0 coming?

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    Re: Server Firsts FoS Removal, Patch 3.0

    the when ever of some time

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