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    Armorsmiths and meta sockets on chests

    Since they have stated ta armorsmiths might be able to add a meta socket to a chest piece. Do u think that dps classes (casters or melee) will want to add this to their pieces.

    Say a lock adds crit rating and 3% increase in crit strike dmg to their head piece. Than they add it to their chest piece to.
    Thats a possible 6% crit strike increase. Think this might happen?

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    Re: Armorsmiths and meta sockets on chests

    I could see all metas changing to unique-equipped to prevent balance issues from stacking... but the extra meta would be great just the same.

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    Re: Armorsmiths and meta sockets on chests

    Well, this armorsmithing boost was long overdue, imo. If that means more classes want to powerlevel armorsmithing, good luck to them. It has to be one of the most difficult (if not *the* most difficult) professions to level. And at the moment it is beyond useless.

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