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    Re: Warlock DoT's and Crit

    Felguards and compete in damage, just not against a 0/21/40 spec. The main problem is the fact that healers generally dont heal pets, our pet heal is a channeled spell(no dpsing while healing), and throughout most of SSC, TK, Hyjal and BT bosses do so much AoE damage that it ends up gimping your damage to keep your pet up.

    I use to run SSC felguard spec, and it was like one night im competing in damage the next im not because I got unlucky and my pet didnt avoid most of the AoE's. Now that avoidance is on all pets and is more predictable and you dont have to wear 2 pieces of sub par gear to keep your pet up. It may be able to be a decent spec.

    However with the recent buffs to Affliction I'm beginning to lean towards that as being top dog. And the only thing thats going to hold back Demon is the fact that it no longer bring a unique buff. A fire or frost mage with points in Focus Magic is going to have an easier time keeping up the buff full time than having to rely on your pet critting to get the buff up. Basically unless they do something to Meta, like add in a raid wide MD buff when you go demon form, demon spec is going to be as worthless in wrath as it is right now in end game raiding.

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    Re: Warlock DoT's and Crit

    Quote Originally Posted by Raptorg
    Shadowbolt - low power nuke that scales very well, gains a lot from spelldamage, evening out the low base damage -- crits for no extra damage
    Shadowbolt is one of the most powerful spells in the game currently once talented. Our Warlocks hit for 4.5k-5k on average +Shadowbolt Vollys and upwards of 11k on good crits. Compared to simulary geared Mages that are vary similar geared but hit for substanlu less overall on single target DPS fights (Brut/TG).

    Crits on dots for it to work well and scale well with out completely being OP in PvP would have to be effected by Resilience, both the Crit Chance and the Crit Damage component. Overall this would allow blizzard to scale DoT up to a level to make affliction competitive DPS for Raid and with the triple reduction on DoT effect thou Resiliency (Redused DoT Dmg/Crit% and Crit Dmg)it would tone them down to a manageable level in PvP.

    I'm not saying they shouldn't give DoT Crits to warlocks, but i am saying if they do, it would allow them to scale back a lot of the warlock abilities. Also it would allow for better eazer/better itemization for all damage casters.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grimlor
    Deleted half the thread and gave someone a well deserved ban.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this forum is NOT grammar school, this forum IS a gaming community. We ask everyone to post in their best-as-possible English.

    We do NOT want to see people getting bashed for poor English writing skills. I read the OP's post and I understood him perfectly fine if I put some effort into it. If you are unwilling to put effort into reading a post, please don't put effort in writing your unwanted opinion about it's grammar/spelling/choice of words.

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    Re: Warlock DoT's and Crit

    Quote Originally Posted by Raptorg
    a BM hunter
    a Combat rogue
    an elemental shaman
    and a shadow destruction warlock
    whoa! at which raid level u play? t4?
    eleshaman aint topdpsers past that, because they do not scale well with better gear. bit better than u doters, but hardly enough to keep even with mages

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    Re: Warlock DoT's and Crit

    At first i just thought i gonna read the thread and leave it be but then i saw some one said holy dps is pretty high

    I do about 1100-1200 dps with smite spam sure i am shadow so smite spam will be higher dps then this offcourse.
    Let say 1500-1600 dps while best spec there is ?
    This is with
    1400 dmg
    355 haste
    15.8% crit

    unbuffed and i had all buffs there is (pure death so no flask used as i used holy dmg) so my dmg was around 1600 as i allways have a shammy in my party.

    You actually think 1600 dps is high ? i do higher as shadow .

    Our locks do 2500+

    Just to give you some facts so you dont belive something that aint true
    Dashivas prot warrior
    Avidha Prot paladin
    Daghain feral druid (tank)
    Soultheifs Frost DK (tank)
    Draghkar hunter
    Shayol Holy preist
    Shivaa resto shaman

    All located on Vek'nilash

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    Re: Warlock DoT's and Crit

    Quote Originally Posted by Raptorg

    Mind Blast - on a low CD
    SWeath - medium cooldown
    ahahahahahahahHAHHAHAHA best1
    [email protected]'Akir-EU

    [blizzquote author=Blizzard staff]Furthermore, it's not like there is much skill involved to that rotation ("GC SEZ RETS R FACEROLLERZ"). You hit the buttons and damage happens.* [/blizzquote]

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    Re: Warlock DoT's and Crit

    Quote Originally Posted by Raptorg
    3) hardly, our shadowbolts don't exactly hit hard, nor do our DoTs scale well.. from on t5 we become pretty much useless, just about the same as you
    my shadowbolts hit for a mere 2.3k-3k(3k non crit is VERY rare)
    Stopped reading here; you are undergeared and have not experienced endgame pve.
    80 Druid, 84 Priest, 85 Death Knight, 85 Mage, 76 Shaman, 85 Warrior, 70 Warlock, 70 Paladin

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    Re: Warlock DoT's and Crit

    so yeah i had a big long post about how this is a game and not a job...and that even in games you have to make choices to proceed in the game and how gimping yourself was much like wasting your first shot in Duckhunt on the dog who never F^&$ing dies....bastard...

    anyway...i HAD a post like this...then i looked again at all the things Raptorg the ROFLMAO video on youtube... and realized its not worth my time to argue with a high schooler....

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    Re: Warlock DoT's and Crit

    Quote Originally Posted by Raptorg
    it's funny you mention holy dps..

    it's actually good damage with the proper damage and gear..
    it just lacks any mana efficiency, affliction just lacks damage

    i wish i could say i respect your opinion, sadly i don't..
    your opinion is not only stupid, it's also childish

    if topping those meters is all that counts for you, then you're the one who needs to "l2p"

    not me

    i repeat - it's a game, not a job

    oh, and i'm not the one QQ'ing, you are..
    or, are you going to tell me this topic wasn't born from you shadowpriests thinking affliction locks were getting something you won't? - competative dps

    the class issues are addressed differently, stop assuming shadowpriests and affliction locks should be the same, dps the same way and have the same mechanics

    2 different classes, shadowpriests become less of a DoT spec, affliction becomes more of a DoT spec

    my class is perfect for me.. i don't mind being crap dps
    your standards and reasons for raiding are flawed, not mine
    What you are saying doesn't really make sense. You have a good spec that you can do damage with (whether you like it or not isn't relevant), and we don't. You also have a top arena spec like we do, where damage for pretty terrible.

    But I digress, I am not really talking about PVP here. In raid situations, you have more dots, you also just had a buff to Shadows Embrace under affliction. Now, please understand I am not saying warlocks are over powered, and I don't mind the changes affecting them. BUt you can't compare shadow bolt to Mind Blast. Though if you would like to suggest to a Blizzard employee that the 2 effects should be reverse, I would gladly take it off your hands

    I of course jest, But in serious truth, we (Shadow Priests) are desperate for a change right now, and as a Senior officer in a semi serious raiding guild, I have to consider if it is fair for me to bring my priest in WOTLK. I am hoping the answer is yes, but the reason we are there currently (Vampritic Touch) is being really reduced, with other classes being able to provide the same benefit. This means, to my money we have to be doing equal damage to other DPS classes now to make me think its worth while bringing it.

    Meanwhile, I am for the first time starting to do PVP as my priest (not arena, just battlegrounds for fun) and enjoying it very much. I will start leveling a warlock for a caster main though, and a DK for a melee and see what happens. Hopefully the concerns of both of our classes will be answered within the next patches over the upcoming weeks / months.

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