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    Re: Crusader strike change

    lol wow the hammer of wrath comment was just a joke...

    But since you want to take it so seriously consider this..

    Paladin's are supposed to be melee hybrids.
    While some paladin abilities work off spell hit, no paladin gears for spell hit.
    Some spells have been changed in the past to melee hit.

    Maybe it doesn't make perfect sense to have a ranged magical attack work off of melee hit, but it also doesn't make sense to have an ability that no paladin will ever be able to utilize to its full potential just because of a mechanic discrepancy.

    Edit: Haha just read on the main page hammer of wrath got changed to instant cast! wewt! least now if it misses, i wont have to play catch up to my target

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    Re: Crusader strike change

    Quote Originally Posted by briany

    I definitely agree with you.

    I think a spell interrupt for CS will be a great secondary affect. We dont need MS debuff, since we already have the insane burst. The problem we have most as ret is fighting casters. a spell interrupt will give us that edge.
    We will never get a spell interupt on Crusader Strike. Why? Because in WotLK, all spell interupts do 0 damage and are off the GCD.

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    Re: Crusader strike change

    Quote Originally Posted by Inzight
    earth shock anyone?
    Shamans are getting a new spell interupt that does 0 damage and has a cower effect.


    It's called Wind Shock

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    Re: Crusader strike change

    Quote Originally Posted by Inzight
    earth shock still interrupts spell cast
    For now. Maybe they'll change the effect? In any case, using this for your interupt loses most of it's viability since they share a cooldown, and it's much easier to pull off interupts with Wind Shock.

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