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    Divine Hymn

    This ability really needs to be something we obtain at a far lower level. As a level 80 ability it really, really sucks.

    Hell, to be fair, it sucks period. 10 minute cooldown for yet another purgable Priest ability, and wonderfully enough, a third Priest CC type Undead can go immune to. Will be lovely to pop our ten minute panic button and have a UD Rogue pop a 3 minute WOTF and just keep slamming us with a good ol' combat log full of immune.

    Of course, I assume WOTF will probably eat a nerf in the Racial review next week (and hopefully Perception as well). But racial whining aside, something like this would really fit better at level 20 or 30, something a person could use while leveling. And of course with a shorter cooldown, 10 minutes is just... This is on par with Heroism to them?

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    Re: Divine Hymn

    it's a promising spell but not without its own problems. i remember reading something about it been able to break on damage. so it's like Light Well, you have to teach everyone in your group to not hit the mobs when you cast this, because the cc will break. and worse, if different people is hitting different mobs, then the spell's practically useless. i think i'll probably make a macro for this spell. somethings like "ATTN: going to use Divine Hymn, putting all mobs into sleep, STOP ATTACKING NOW OR YOU WILL BREAK SLEEP!" lol.

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    Re: Divine Hymn

    I felt the same way about the Elemental totems : /. they sucked.
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    Re: Divine Hymn

    I think a long cool down oh crap CC isn't so much what priests would prefer compared to a (semi) reliable CC. And really are they just mocking us with the WoTF thing? They aren't Undead! else you could shackle them! they can just break out of your fear, Mind control, AND Divine Hymn! At least it no longer provides the immunity.

    How about instead of sleep it causes anyone to attack you be banished for 10s a divine banish tho, of course... instead of shadowy, they can be yellowy.

    PS. My spell checker believes yellowy is a legit word. rock on.

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    Re: Divine Hymn

    Actually it is ment to be pvp tool...

    Divine Hymn is intended to be PvP utility and an emergency tool in PvE. Accidentally pull 3+ mobs? Hit Divine Hymn, they all fall asleep, and you have some time to get your bearings and set things up. I don't think it will become that useful until you start doing more challenging dungeons/heroics, though.

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    Re: Divine Hymn

    Quote Originally Posted by Eloro
    It's not meant to be a pvp tool...sigh pvpers thinking everything is about them.
    Aw, someone sounds butthurt. If it makes you feel better I don't even do PvP beyond a 10 game a week 2v2 with my SO and the BG daily nowadays, I raid largely, but this is very obviously a more of a PvP twist spell as indicated by:

    1.) Common fucking sense, try to acquire some.

    2.) The blue post made about about a week ago.

    Emergency Priest 5 man CC leaves it in an even worse state than as a PvP perspective.

    Next time you try to assume the role of smart ass, make sure you have the smart part down.

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